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WWE champ Bianca Belair slayed a fitness competition in her spare time

Since mid-September, Bianca Belair has worked 21 matches for WWE. She wrestles on Raw, weekend house shows and three premium live events, each of which had a “hardcore” stipulation – and one of them took place in Saudi Arabia. She and husband Montez Ford also did some press for their upcoming Hulu reality show.

Doesn’t leave much free time for… well, anything, right?

Not if you are the EST.

Yesterday (Dec. 4), the Raw Women’s Champion shared on social media that she has also been training for a fitness and bodybuilding competition for the past 10 weeks. And of course making her own clothes for the show. Belair says a big reason she wanted to compete in WBFF Entertainment’s Atlantic City Pro Am was the chance to see how her relationship with and acceptance of her body has evolved since she was a student athlete dealing with eating disorders and other unhealthy have struggled with behavior.

How did she do? If you’re someone who’s tired of seeing Bianca win all the time, I’m afraid we have some bad news…

Jokes aside, of course she finished first in one category and second in another. I mean…

This is a champion.

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