Window Shop with Car and Driver


It is easy to imagine. There you are at a Barrett-Mecum-Sotheby’s auction with a new Hawaiian shirt and a watch the size of a house cat. The only things you’ve eaten all day are old churros and six Minute Maid and Korbel mimosas. During the 1990s and early 2000s, you were the largest drywall contractor in Vegas, and then you sold just before the housing boom. You are rich and you want to buy a car.

That’s when you do something silly. Like paying way too much for a car you once wanted in high school. Or blowing a bunch of cash on something you’re convinced should go up in value, even though you can’t explain why. Or you just get caught up in a bidding war and now find yourself forced to pay six figures for a Corvair. Auctions are where usually smart people can spend stupid money.

Hearst Autos, the dominator of Car and Driver and Road & Lane, also runs Bring a Trailer, the auction site that brings all the excitement of an auction to the iPad you keep in bed. And all that leads up to this week’s challenge on America’s nowhere near favorite YouTube show, Window Shop.

That challenge is to find the most outrageous car that someone has overpaid for at auction. There is no price limit this week because insane has no upper limit.

So join the gang—Skip, Donna, Moondoggie, Crisco, and Cairo the vegan basset hound—for this episode of our ongoing, if not frequent, series about shopping for cars on the Internet. It’s fun for up to 24 percent of the family.