What Venus in Capricorn Means For Your Love Life

Couple holding hands.

We’re already deep into cuffing season, but get ready to pull a Tom Holland and Zendaya and really settle in: Venus heads into Capricorn from December 9th to January 2nd, so things are getting serious.

According to astrology, Venus has a huge impact on our love life and relationships. But the planet’s influence doesn’t stop there: Venus is also said to rule money, beauty and creativity. The Capricorn zodiac sign, meanwhile, “is ruled by Saturn, the planet of hard work, boundaries, limitations and commitment,” says astrologer Maressa Brown, author of the forthcoming book “Raising a Baby by the Stars: A New Parent’s Guide to Astrology. ” So what does it mean to have this romantic planet moving in such a purposeful, ambitious space?

Capricorn really prioritizes moving the ball forward and looking toward an ambitious goal, Brown tells POPSUGAR, so when Venus is in Capricorn, that go-getter mentality is applied to those Venusian themes of relationships, financial security, and beauty. “Venus in Capricorn is usually a more serious Venusian transit,” adds astrologer Liz Simmons. You may begin to consider long-term trajectories in love, money and beauty, take on a more responsible and mature outlook, and feel the desire to get grounded and express yourself in a more serious way in each of these areas of your life.

When it comes to love, “Venus in Capricorn can encourage a more traditional approach to commitment,” Simmons tells POPSUGAR, “suggesting that we might feel more inclined to settle down with someone rather than make it light, fun, and flirty to keep.” If you’re single, you may feel drawn to dating on purpose, looking for a committed partnership instead of keeping things casual. “Couples can use Venus in Capricorn to talk about long-term shared goals and commitments, especially anything that might reinforce the idea of ​​building a life together,” adds Simmons. (It all makes sense, especially considering the situation is dead.)

Word of advice? When you’re head-down and focused on relationship and dating goals, you may feel inclined to hold things back or shy away from difficult conversations if you think it might rock the boat. “Talking through feelings that are a little messy isn’t necessarily Capricorn’s instinct,” notes Brown, but it’s important to prioritize those conversations, even if it feels like the opposite direction you want to go. Having those tough conversations now, while you’re looking to be settled, “will ultimately get you over that finish line in an even healthier and more connected way,” Brown says.

Venus’s other areas of influence are likely to be affected in a similar way. When it comes to money, “Venus in Capricorn’s conservative mindset may be ideal for saving instead of spending,” says Simmons, so you may be less inclined to spend and more interested in investing or spending more wisely . When it comes to style and beauty, Venus in Capricorn may have you looking for darker colors and simple, neutral aesthetics, including lots of black and gray.

Venus’ transit through Capricorn also offers some important dates to note:

  • December 22: Venus in Capricorn will trine Uranus in Taurus. (Note: a trine is the “most harmonious angle that can happen between two planets,” says Brown.) This will be especially helpful for earth signs, as both Capricorn and Taurus are earth signs and may be helpful for breakthroughs in relationships, beauty, and money. You might lean into creative brainstorming and feel ready to get out of an artistic or relationship-oriented rut, Brown says.
  • December 28: Venus in Capricorn will sextile Neptune in Pisces, “indicating a flow between the planet of love and the planet of illusion,” explains Simmons. This transit is likely to be hopeful, spiritual and mystical, she says, “but it can also lead to confusion, escapism and dispersion. It would be best to stay grounded but idealistic during the sextile.”
  • 29 and 30 December: Get ready – this is when Venus in Capricorn teams up with Mercury retrograde. Given that Mercury is the planet of communication, “don’t be surprised if wires get crossed” in conversations about relationships, money or beauty, Brown says, although she adds that this can be a good time to tie up loose ends and trade. with past events that affect you. And since Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing accidents, “it might be best to hold back on agreeing to new commitments if you can,” adds Simmons. “More information about whether or not an opportunity for love or money is right for you is sure to come out throughout this conjunction as well as Mercury retrograde.”
  • January 1: Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, which can be an intense experience, says Brown. “Pluto is the planet of transformation and power, control,” she says. “So you can get really obsessive about something related to beauty, relationships or money.”

All in all, Venus in Capricorn is a good time to commit to something in Venus’ area of ​​expertise, whether it’s fully defining your relationship or planning your financial future. “Venus in Capricorn can help you set and stick to goals related to love, money and beauty,” says Simmons. “My best advice is to think about the Venusian themes like a five-year plan, because this is the perfect time to strategize for success in love, money and beauty.”


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