WeShape Unveils Tool for Customized No-Equipment Fitness Regime


SANTA CRUZ, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2023 / WeShape aims to change the mindset regarding fitness and the need for exercise with a tool that will provide users with customized no-equipment fitness regimens at an affordable cost. Founded by Katie Bramlett and her partner Tyler Bramlett, the web platform serves as an affordable middle ground for users for whom the traditional method of personal trainers isn’t an option and yet don’t want to resort to generic fitness routines that don’t meet their specific needs. needs.

The general perception influenced by the advent of social media and visual media which lean is good and fat is bad come under fire in recent years. At WeShape, rather than the numbers on the scale, the focus is on sustainable fitness through improving overall well-being, confidence, sleep, aches and pains and energy levels. WeShape recognizes that there is no “one body size” and aims to shift society’s perception on this matter.

Katie Bramlett, Co-Founder of WeShape, “Tyler and I have both spent over 20 years in the fitness industry. It’s very profitable to promote routines and products that emphasize toned abs and six packs, but I felt there needed to be a better way. Everyone’s body and fitness needs are different and this should be taken into account when developing a fitness routine. It is quite expensive to use the services of a personal trainer to create a customized workout routine, but to have a taking a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work either. Through WeShape, we offer customized exercise routines tailored to each user’s strengths and specific needs with all WeShape workouts rooted in exercise science and functional movement practices. Fitness isn’t just about the numbers not on the scale or developing certain muscles. It’s about feeling good about your body. So we bring customization of workouts into the affordable r uimt in. Users can join WeShape for an affordable price.”

According to Katie, WeShape routines require no equipment and have real-time scalability. Clients have access to thousands of movement options available in the form of videos by expert trainers. Based on the functionality of different parts of the body and the feedback from clients, movements can be adjusted.

Another distinction From Form offers community support in the form of community zoom calls that members can join. There are two types of community calls called WeConnect – one where users can clear any doubts they have by asking questions to trainers and one where people can call in and just talk about what they’re struggling with or just connect with like-minded people. individuals.

Concluded Katie, “Community support plays a key role in making a person’s fitness journey more sustainable. The sense of belonging we provide through WeConnect inspires our customers to continue on their fitness journey. Our goal is a mindset shift of our clients – from seeing it as a task to something that makes them feel good while following a routine tailored to them. Our program effectively combines emotional well-being and adaptation. Recently, there has been a cultural shift away from the need to practice just conforming to certain physical standards. We need to be gentler with ourselves and many people now agree with us. In just one year of business we have almost 4000 members. Currently we are raising more funds by a seed round to scale up our advertising budgets, get more customers and build more product iterations We have exciting plans including adding time variability to our routines, stretching and mobility rest day routines.”

About WeShape:

WeShape is a web-based progressive web platform that seeks to change the overall approach to fitness through a more sustainable fitness approach that focuses on better connection with the body and community support.

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