VinFast Delivers First VF8 City Edition EVs to U.S. Customers

  • Vietnamese automaker VinFast has delivered the first 45 of its 999 VF8 City Editions.
  • The vehicles were all delivered to customers in the company’s nine California locations.
  • The VF8 City Edition SUV’s production will be limited to 999 units, with two battery choices: the VF8 City Edition Eco is claimed to have 207 miles of range, while the more powerful VF8 City Edition Plus only has a 179 mile range.

On March 1, after a series of delays and some changes in promised lineup and pricing, Vietnam-based automaker VinFast delivered the first 45 of its City Edition VF8 SUVs to its California dealerships. The company plans to bring 999 City Edition VF8 SUVs to California, which is the only US state where they will currently be sold.

The City Edition’s battery is different from that of the standard VF8 and has significantly less range. There are two battery options for the City Edition, with the VF8 City Edition Eco enjoying a somewhat poor EPA range estimate of 207 miles of range, and the more powerful VF8 City Edition Plus with an even lower EPA estimate of 179 miles per charge .

2023 vinfast vf8 first deliveries


The vehicles were imported into the US in December, but there were delays before the company was ready to start delivering to customers. Now that the process is underway, buyers will be able to receive their new VinFast EVs either at one of VinFast’s points of sale in California or through direct home delivery. There is speculation that some of the reasons for the delay stemmed from customer complaints that the electric crossover’s lineup did not live up to earlier promises.

VinFast’s unusual plan to offer battery leasing has been scrapped, at least for now. When the vehicle was first announced, VinFast told reservation holders they could rent the battery pack in the car, rather than buying it in the purchase price of the vehicle. The plan was to offer targeted mileage allowances in a similar fashion to annual mileage limits on many car leases. Instead, the price of the battery was added to the cost of the vehicle. Each City Edition is discounted from $3000, with the City Edition Eco starting at $47,200, and the City Edition Plus starting at $54,200.

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