Valley Health permanently closes Luray Wellness & Fitness Center

LURAY, Va. (WHSV) – Earlier this week, Valley Health decided to permanently close its wellness and fitness center in Luray. The health system said a recent arson fire in an adjacent store rendered the building inoperable due to smoke damage and the center has already lost money since reopening during the pandemic.

“We’ve worked over the last few years to try to continue to subsidize that facility and keep it running in the community. We know how much it is loved there, but after COVID it was difficult to get the appropriate number of members to keep that facility financially sustainable,” said Jake Meza, Valley Health VP of Operations for Ambulatory, Post-Acute and Community Services.

Meza said the center’s issues and the fact that Valley Health has been dealing with ongoing financial challenges since 2020 have made it impossible for the health system to continue operating the facility.

“This is a difficult time in our health system and Valley Health is doing the same thing that all other hospitals are doing, which is evaluating all the services they have across the board and making sure they pool their resources to support the essential functions of a hospital and the communities we serve,” said Meza.

While the fitness center is closed, Meza said Valley Health remains committed to supporting health and wellness in the community. The health system hopes to fill the void the center’s closure will leave.

“We have had some interest in the community from community members and organizations about continuing the wellness and fitness program and we have already reached out to those individuals and or partners to discuss how we can help them get a start at a wellness and fitness program. and maybe work with them to get it going in that community as well,” he said.

Page County also plans to build its own community center that would like to include a fitness center that could help fill the void.

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