Tribal relations | Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) is dedicated to working with staff entities and their leadership.

Three primary documents that define and guide our relationship with tribal leadership, as well as a Memorandum of Agreement with some tribes.

The 1989 Centenary Accord

This relationship is established to enhance and improve communication and to facilitate problem solving. The agreement ( also commits the parties to tasks that will translate to “more efficient, improved and beneficial services to Indian and non-Indian people” and encourages and allows for agreements “to address or on specific issues too loose.”

Government-to-government relationship with Indian tribes

Chapter 43.376 RCW ( requires us to:

  • Make reasonable efforts to cooperate with tribes in the development of policies, agreements, and program implementation that directly affect tribes, including requirements to provide consultation with tribes on certain actions.
  • Designate a tribal liaison who reports directly to the Commissioner as head of our agency.
  • Ensure that liaisons and executive staff receive training according to this chapter.
  • Submit an annual report to the governor on the implementation of this chapter and activities of the OIC involving tribes.

Policy 5, OIC Tribal Consultation and Collaborative Process

This policy, established pursuant to the Centennial Accord and Chapter 43.376 RCW, provides general requirements and specific procedures for dealing with tribal leadership. It also provides a sample consultation letter, tribal response form, and a list of Indian tribes, Urban Indian Health Programs, and Organizations for Consultation.

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