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One of the hardest things to do today is to clear your mind. We have jobs that determine where we place ourselves in life, we have children at home to manage, we have relationships to maintain, and we have to make sure all houses are clean! It’s a lot to do and it can be very overwhelming for the mind.

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There are so many things vying for attention day to day, from the endless emails to the grooming, to finding the best storage tips, because you’re just completely overwhelmed by stuff! To revive yourself, you need to make sure you can clear your mind first. There’s no point in trying to clear a house if your mind is also full of junk. Let’s look at some of the things you can do to clear your mind so you can be more at ease and actually start to feel like you can handle everything else.

  • Make a list. Often, in order to organize your thoughts, you need to organize everything else and it can help to write everything down. With everything you have to do, it can help to have a visual to-do that will help you stay as organized as possible. Getting your thoughts out on paper and clearing the space in your mind can really help you get going.
  • Say no once in a while. You can’t always say yes to everyone when it comes to getting things done. You have limited amounts of time and you have very limited resources, and that includes your energy levels. If you want to reduce your stress and get more stuff off your plate, you have to refuse it in the first place. This will then leave some valuable time for yourself for a change, because you cannot help others if you do not take care of yourself.
  • Just start. Don’t wait for motivation, don’t put things off. Procrastination is only going to increase your stress and distract you from the other things you need to do. Procrastinating takes up all the space in your head, adding more stress and guilt. Avoid those interruptions and your productivity will go through the roof.
  • Try taking a break. To clear your mind, you need to be able to maintain your mental fitness and that means taking a break. If you pull a muscle when you exercise, you are targeting it. You should consider your brain in the same way. Stepping away from what you’re working on and doing something that allows you to rest can make a big difference in how much your brain can quiet the noise.
  • Seek the help of a therapist. Well, it doesn’t have to be a therapist, but you should seek help. If you are struggling and you feel overwhelmed, then you need to reach out and say so. Sometimes just acknowledging and vocalizing how you feel can relieve that mental burden you’ve piled on top of yourself. Try it and see how you feel.

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