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TikTok real estate agent goes viral responding to client’s ‘sleazy’ message

Published: 2022-11-06T17:37:16

Updated: 2022-11-06T17:38:01

A Real estate agent has been praised on TikTok after sharing her hilarious response to a client’s inappropriate text message.

Australian real estate firm Create Real Estate took to the social media app to share a screenshot of messages received from someone looking to rent a property.

The customer named ‘John’ said: “I saw your profile on, I was wondering if you could help me find a place. I am looking for a three-bedroom, two-bedroom house in Sonskyn.”

The female agent replied, “Hey John, I have some upcoming properties available. Would you like to set up an appointment to discuss further?”

That’s when the man responded with a ‘sleazy’ message that read: “No thanks, please send through the addresses for open houses you will be attending so I can see you [winking face emoji.]”

John’s message prompted the agent, Mieka, to send him a regular voicemail. “Hey John, it’s Mieka here. Yep, we have some openings you can attend, I’ll send the addresses,” she began.

“It’s just… Oh my God…” she continued in the voiceover, before the sounds of screaming and cars crashing took over for 20 seconds.

The firm captioned the TikTok video: “How to stop sneaky guys from ever messaging you again.”

Viewers in the comments were left in hysterics as they praised Mieka for how she handled the customer’s message.

“It made me laugh so much more than it should have HAHAHA,” one wrote. “If the next girl I shoot with doesn’t go that far, then I don’t want her,” added another.

Others asked for an update as they wanted to see the guy’s response to her voice note.

“He certainly answered [laughing face emoji,]” one person commented before asking for a “Part 2 and a compilation of creepy guys.”

The business page has amassed 1.2 million likes on TikTok, at the time of writing. It shares a series of funny clips involving staff and offers a glimpse into their working lives.

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