The New Paradigm For Chronic Knee Pain Treatment


I’m not even sure they know about it, to be honest…

I’m talking about doctors and physical therapists when I say “they.” From what I’ve seen and read in the 12 years since I had 4 knee dislocations and had to have my left knee’s ligaments fixed. No one is talking about a specific treatment that would completely get rid of chronic knee pain.


Sure, you hear about prescription drugs, knee shots or injections, and knee surgery as ways to treat chronic knee pain from a medical point of view…


But everyone knows that this is only a temporary fix at best.


Then there’s the “over the counter” method, which includes a lot of gels, creams, and ointments that make the knee feel hot, cold, or numb, as well as a lot of knee wraps and braces and a long list of pills that also make the pain go away…for a little while.


But does all this therapy really help?


Does any of this therapy really help?


From what I can tell, the “experts” on knee therapy seem to only have “wild guesses” about what causes chronic knee pain.


People will tell you that the ligament or meniscus is torn and needs to be fixed if your knee hurts.


I was told this when I went in for knee surgery.


What, though?


Even after I had my ACL fixed, my knee hurt for more than a year. So the real reason I had knee pain all the time wasn’t just that something was broken or torn in my knee.


And what about all the people who go to the doctor, get an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI, and the doctor says, “Nothing is broken or torn?” Even though their knee hurts, they still walk with a limp and make up for it.


So what?


I don’t hear anyone step up and give a good, logical explanation of what the body is doing in this case that doesn’t sound like a politician trying to be vague so they don’t lose in the polls.


Here’s the secret, though.


I can’t say why no one else is talking about this. I’ll do my best to give a full and clear explanation of WHY people have chronic knee pain. I will also tell you what you can do to start fixing it.


So let’s get started!


There is only ONE reason you will ever have knee pain, and that’s it.


Now listen carefully!


The dashboard in your car is like your nervous system.


When something in your car goes wrong, like the engine, the oil, or the battery. The light on that part of your dashboard lets you know that something is wrong with that part of your car.


The same thing goes on with your nervous system.


When your knee hurts, your body is telling you that there is something wrong with it.


This feedback is the key to figuring out what’s wrong with your knee.


So the only reason you have knee pain is because the nerves in your knee are being pinched or harmed in some way, which tells your brain that you have knee pain.


This is so important that it needs to be said again.


You can only have knee pain if the nerves in your knee are being pinched or harmed in some way. This sends a message to your brain that your knee hurts.


The only way to get rid of your knee pain and stop the swelling, pain, and further wear and tear on the knee joint is to start taking pressure off the nerves in your knee that are causing the pain.


This has two effects:

1. The pain in your knee joint goes away right away and you can feel it.




2.) This starts to give your body what it needs to be able to heal what’s wrong with your knee.


If you look at knee pain from any other angle, you won’t get a full picture of what’s going on in your knee. You won’t be able to see the underlying pattern in your body and figure out why your knee hurts.


You, your doctor, or your knee therapist can only guess what will work at best.


The National Institute of Health (NIH) numbers don’t lie. The number of knee replacement surgeries keeps going up every year, and it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon.


And the answer is to make better plastics and surgery methods so that more knee surgeries can be done. This doesn’t make much sense to me, unless you’re coming from the way medicine is now.


Which means “job security” in a BIG way!


But if you have chronic knee pain, you have to deal with it until you’re old enough to get a knee replacement. The only reason they wait is because they want to protect your “best interests” and make sure you don’t have to go through something so cruel more than once in your life.


They are counting on the fact that you will die before you need a second knee replacement surgery in 12 to 15 years, when the metal-and-plastic knee replacement joint breaks.


Chronic knee pain needs and deserves a new approach that looks at the whole person.


Expect your doctor and physical therapist to do more for you. If your knee pain has been going on for more than two to three months and is only getting better in small steps.


Your knee therapy isn’t working very well.


Demand better results, and if you get pushback or resistance, work with someone else.


For the paradigm to change, this is how it has to be. The decision will be made by the market, and you, my friend, who have constant knee pain, are that market.


Bill hurt his knee badly more than ten years ago, and he had to have surgery to fix his left knee. This led him to try to figure out how to get rid of the pain, tension, and discomfort in his knee and the rest of his body that came from the knee injury and surgery. He now shows other people how to get rid of their own knee pain by teaching them about water, nutrition, exercises, stretching, and breathing.