The best Valentine’s gifts for the one you love 2023


This year I planned to do three separate gift guides, one for gifts for couples to give each other, one for teenagers to give each other and one for items to give to yourself or a single friend. Unfortunately I have covid and it was not good at all so I combined the three instead, but try to comment if I specifically think it fits one of the categories.

date night couple holding hands

Something chocolate

chocolate box

Chocolate can also come from small or medium enterprises instead of always going with the big brands. If you haven’t had it before, you’re really missing out and it makes a beautiful gift too. Monty Bojangles makes such tasty chocolate and you’re supporting a smaller brand there too!

Love Hearts Chocolate

This cute chocolate love heart from Swizzels makes a great gift for anyone, even if you’re on a budget or a teenager shopping for a new significant other. It is available at Home Bargains stores, online at Swizzels and from Amazon.

Something for her

Hollywood Mirror

This beautiful Hollywood mirror is a perfect gift. It’s dimmable and plugs in with a simple USB cable. However, its best feature, in my opinion, is the 20-minute shut-off so you never accidentally leave it on all day! At £79.99 from Vonhaus, it’s a lovely gift for a beauty-loving lady.

I’m assembling my stand for mine this weekend and then I can swap out the photo from this stock photo for my own. Bleeding covid knocked me for six so I’m really sorry.

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Vendula Earrings

These Vendula London love heart earrings are beautiful and made with small glass beads. If your wife has pierced ears, this would make a lovely gift at just £18. A perfect gift for young people to give to each other too.

vendula sherlock holmes purse

This Vendula London coin purse is beautiful and £24. It is a very good size that easily fits money, cards and notes inside. Made from vegan leather, it’s sure to appeal to fashionistas and eco-conscious women as well.

Cosmetic organizer

This beautiful cosmetic organizer is clear with a rose gold colored frame so it’s stylish as well as useful. I hope the photo does it justice as all the products in it are full size so it shows how big this organizer is. This would make a great gift for a lady who loves makeup and needs somewhere to put it all. It is available for £69.99 from VonHaus.

Lily blanche medallion

Lockets and personalized jewelry make wonderful gifts and that of Lily Blanche is no exception. The one above includes space for a small message to be included with a choice to leave one in there or maybe even make your own. This will be a great way to ask a lady to marry you! This personalized locket is £190 including the rose gold bird charm as shown. There are different metal choices available so take a look.

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Something a little naughty

dunking dickies crackers

These Dunking Dickies willie-shaped shortbread cookies are the absolutely perfect Valentine’s gift if you want something a little cheeky without being too explicit! At £9.25 from Brain Box Candy it’s a great budget gift too.

Sexy Dice

How about some naughty dice telling you both how to get intimate this Valentine’s Day? There are so many available online wherever you want to buy toys and outfits for the bedroom. Here’s a selection at Lovehoney you might want to check out, mostly under £10.

Knob Sign

Something like this plaque would make a good budget gift and at around £3-4 there is a variety available. Amazon has one like this for £3.59.

Something for one of you

Hotel Chocolate Salted Caramel Cream

This Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate Vodka would make a great gift for anyone over 18 and with a little imagination you can use it in the bedroom too! A bottle costs £23 from Amazon.

Arran Hand Care Set

Gentle hands are so important in and out of the bedroom and this lovely hand care gift set from Arran Sense of Scotland is a perfect gift for him or her. There are a variety of scents available, this one being Lavender and Spearmint and includes luxury hand cream and hand wash. At £30 for the set it comes in a beautiful box and if you sign up for their emails you can get a 20% discount too!

Waffle maker open on a wooden table

A waffle maker is a great gadget for making breakfast waffles or sweet waffles, whether for breakfast in bed or a dessert after a romantic meal. This is an amazing one for just 34.99 made by VonShef and available at VonHaus.

Cocktail Glasses

If you both like a cocktail, something like a Martini, then this pair of beautiful iridescent glasses is a perfect gift. For £24.99 from Vonhaus it’s something you can keep and you can also buy the ingredients for your favorite cocktails!

Something for him

Car Experience

Although I put this as a gift for a man, it would be great for either gender. If your loved one is a big car fan, this dual supercar driving blast is definitely for them. They can choose not just one, but two of the world’s most exciting supercars, which they take to the track for
three miles each! Choose from a range of desirable beasts including an Aston Martin, Audi R8 V10 and a Porsche GT3 – available at over 20 locations across the UK. They can also ride shotgun with a professional driver as he zooms around the track. This Red Letter Days experience is £79.99 and would make a perfect gift to remember.


Cufflinks make a lovely gift for a man who often wears suits. They can get a little boring though, so this special one is so much better. They are made with coins (other coin options available) and for the year of your choice. Maybe you could buy him cufflinks with his birth year on them, or the year you both met or got married? Most of the coin cufflinks available at Heads and Tails Jewelery are £32.99.

Bottle of Sauvage Aftershave by Dior

Sauvage by Dior is a wonderful fragrance for men. Ben who is 16 loves it, but so does Stuart who is in his early 50s. This 100ml bottle is £95.99 but smaller bottles are available from £54.99. Perfume Direct is a great place to buy it from as they have great deals and while you’re there check out some of the great gift packs too.

Something for the pets

Pink heart-shaped pet bowl and red box of heart-shaped dog biscuits

Treating your pets for Valentine’s Day? This beautiful heart tray will be beautiful and costs just £5.99 from Jollyes. The dog treats will make a great gift for your four-legged friend, also from Jolleys at £4.99.

Something to read

Fixer Book

The Fixer by Lee Winter is book one in The Villain Series, a lesbian romance filled with intrigue, love and humor. Although this is the first of a series, there is no reason why it cannot be read on its own. The Fixer is available from Amazon for £12.99.

Destinies Of Love Book

Written by a marriage and family therapist, this book is a great read for anyone who would like to understand a little more about how our hearts work. There are so many things that affect how we relate to others and she gently peels back the layers to help the reader strengthen their love for themselves and others. The Seven Destinies of Love is available from Amazon for £11.99.

Something for a single mother

Single Mum Book

A fun and relatable book that any dating single mom will enjoy. There are so many things at play when you are a single mom and trying to date with this book will help her see that she is not alone with this struggle and also laugh and cry as she reads the relatable stories along with tips to help her move forward. A Single Mother and the Dating Game is available from Amazon for £12.99.

Any other ideas?

Do you have any other ideas or past gifts that have been well received that others might like? Post it in the comments below to help other readers.

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