The Adorable Suzuki Jimny Is Going Electric


Unlike in decades past, there aren’t a ton of cars for sale outside of the US that we’re looking for. The Suzuki Jimny is a notable exception. While we can’t imagine many American buyers will go for such a small off-roader, we can’t help but have one. Unlike compact crossovers like the Ford Bronco Sport and Jeep Renegade, the Jimny is a true, old-school off-roader with a leather chassis and honest all-wheel drive.

suzuki jimny etc

The Jimny EV teaser is seen on the top right.


The latest Jimny was a huge hit in Europe, Japan and elsewhere, and its successor will be electrified. Suzuki announced its roadmap to 2030 on Thursday, and of course it includes plenty of hybrids and EVs. The presentation made no specific reference to the new Jimny, but a slide teased future models for Europe that is almost certainly a Jimny EV.

Currently, the Jimny uses a 101-hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder, although in Japan it is offered with a 660-cc turbo three-cylinder to meet kei car regulations. Suzuki recently launched a five-door version of the Jimny, which will be built by the company’s Indian subsidiary, Maruti Suzuki.

While a five-door, electric Jimny has much wider appeal than an underpowered three-door, don’t expect to see it come to America. Suzuki says it will focus on Europe, Japan, India, Africa and Southeast Asia. In particular, the slides from its presentation indicate that Suzuki will only sell the Jimny EV in Europe. Instead, they get an electric version of the Hustler, a Jimny-inspired crossover.