Tesla Was the Bestselling Luxury Brand in 2022

  • Tesla was the top-selling luxury brand in the US last year, according to new data released by Car news.
  • Based on Experian data on new vehicle registrations, 484,351 Teslas were tagged in 2022 (41 percent more than the year before).
  • Tesla beat BMW – the previous luxury sales champion – by a massive margin of more than 156,000 registrations.

BMW no longer holds the title of the best-selling luxury brand in America. The crown now belongs to Tesla for the first time. The company achieved this milestone after a huge surge in new vehicle registrations in 2022, based on new data released by Car news.

While it’s fair to argue whether Tesla qualifies as a true luxury automaker alongside more prominent brands like Audi and Lexus, the price range of the company’s lineup seems to justify that categorization more than anything else. Despite Tesla’s quality control problems and the Model 3 and Model Y’s—er—kissable interiors, the Model S and Model X could each get into six-figure territory.

Tesla takes the title

As most people know, Tesla only makes electric vehicles. Still, the 484,351 new models registered last year were more than all other luxury automakers, including their electric and gas-powered offerings. This amount represents a 41 percent jump in Tesla registrations compared to 2021.

Before Tesla registrations exploded last year, BMW was the reigning luxury sales champion. However, not only did Tesla have 156,422 more registrations in 2022, but BMW also saw its numbers drop 5.3 percent from the previous year to 327,929. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz finished third with 269,511 new registrations last year. year, but AN reported that the amount barely changed compared to 2021.

The data on new vehicle registrations identifying the best-selling luxury car maker comes from Experian. It’s used to because Tesla notoriously doesn’t separate US sales from the amount the company sells worldwide. Therefore, new registrations are considered the best way to compare the market.