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Sonnalli Seygall shares workout that can help ‘meet your fitness goals in just 20 minutes’

Sonnalli Seygall is a famous fitness enthusiast who regularly gives her fans a glimpse into her dedicated and consistent fitness regime, which is a mix of both yoga and gym workouts. Apart from sharing her routine with the followers, the actor also reveals several essential fitness and health tips. In accordance with the same, Sonnalli recently shared a workout that can help “reach your fitness goals in just 20 minutes”. Wondering what it is?

This is Electromuscular Stimulation (EMS). “EMS training is a 20-minute bodyweight workout, usually just once a week. It activates 90 percent to 95 percent of all your body muscles, including your deep back muscles and pelvic floor muscles,” she wrote, sharing a video of how she combines Pilates with EMS.


Sonnalli also shared the various benefits of performing Electromuscular Stimulation training. These are:

* It is time efficient. One can perform this once a week for 20 minutes.
*It helps with thumb loss and toning.
*This leads to a significant reduction in body fat.
* It increases speed, stamina and strength
*It can target problem areas.
*It is generally increasing metabolism.
*It’s easy on the joints because it helps reduce stress.
*It also corrects muscle imbalances.

According to Dr. Prashant Mistry, physical therapist and celebrity trainer, one of the most common situations in which a therapist will use EMS is when an athlete is trying to regain muscle strength, but physical movement or training is warded off by pain and/or acute injury.

“A common illustration of this is when a person has had knee surgery. During the months leading up to the operation, the muscles around the knee will have become increasingly weaker either due to the muscles ‘switching off’ as a means of defense or because the person originally placed further stress on the other leg to avoid pain. The secondary cause of muscle weakness is a person living a less active life to avoid pain and discomfort,” he said.

Dr Mistry said that EMS helps:

* Build muscle strength
* Speed ​​up recovery from injury
* Improves sports performance

“While EMS is generally considered safe and focuses on low-impact exercises, you’ll want to skip it if you’re pregnant or have an underlying medical condition. It is important to avoid EMS if you have a pacemaker, a seizure disorder, or active blood clots,” he concluded.

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