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SixFifty Automates Routine Corporate and Commercial Legal Documents for Small to Medium-Size Companies

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov 2 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SixFifty launched today Business documentsa new product for small to medium-sized businesses containing more than 50 automated corporate and commercial legal documents.

The product includes:

  • Website documentssuch as terms of service and privacy policies;
  • Sales documentssuch as master services and subscription agreements;
  • Partnership documents, such as referral and license agreements; and
  • Management documentssuch as board minutes, consents and equity plans.

Businesses can create and purchase these documents à la carte in SixFifty’s new Document Market place or en masse through a SixFifty subscription. SixFifty plans to expand the corporate and commercial library to more than 150 documents within the next year.

“Every business needs basic legal paperwork to help them sell products and services, collaborate with other organizations and generally manage the operations of their company,” said Derek Parry, Vice President of Legal Product at SixFifty. “Our new Business documents product provides companies with the legal foundation they need to thrive and grow.”

Business documents is the fourth legal area covered by SixFifty to join Employment Docs, Privacy Documentsand Pro Bono Docs. SixFifty monitors the law and best practices to ensure that every document is compliant and puts companies in the best possible position. In total, SixFifty has automated hundreds of legal documents for businesses and individuals.

“SixFifty’s goal is to make the law more accessible through automation each general legal document at world-class level,” said Kimball Dean Parker, CEO of SixFifty. “Automating the most important corporate and commercial documents for small and medium-sized businesses is a big step towards that goal.”

To taste SixFifty’s Business documentsCompanies can create and download a free non-disclosure agreement at

About SixFifty

SixFifty is a technology company that strives to make the law more accessible by automating world-class legal expertise. SixFifty’s technology is programmed to tackle complex legal issues by providing people and businesses with customized contracts, policies and documents. SixFifty also constantly monitors the law to update its tools in real time. For more information, please visit

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