Sintalica Bioscience Announces Key Approval Milestones from the Italian Health Authority

TORONTO & MESSINA, Italy–(BUSINESS THREAD)–Sintalica Bioscience Corp. (“Sintalica” or the “Company”), a psychedelic drug discovery company focused on breakthrough treatments for neuroinflammatory disorders, announced today that the Company has received from the University of Messina (the “University”). , the following authorizations from the Italian Ministry of Health regarding its drug development program:

  • Synthesis and detention of Schedule I drugs – Psilocybin, Psilocin and other derivative tryptamines

  • Cultivation of Psilocybe Mushrooms and Extraction of Tryptamines

  • Positive opinion for initiation of safety and efficacy testing

This combination of authorizations is unique in Europe and will enable Sintalica to continue its full research and development and clinical program at the University’s laboratory and related facilities.

Sintalica’s approach to psychedelic drug discovery focuses on reducing hallucinogenic effects while enhancing the psychedelic molecule’s strong anti-inflammatory properties. Sintalica’s research and drug development program is focused on neurodegenerative disorders, including SCI-induced chronic neuropathic pain (spinal cord injury), fibromyalgia and inflammation.

Sintalica has filed three provisional patents for proprietary psychedelic molecules with claims of improved stability, efficacy and bioavailability. The molecules are produced in the University’s modern laboratories and will be tested for safety and efficacy against target indications.

Sintalica has an exclusive research partnership with leading Italian research institutes, including the University of Messina and the University of Niccolò Cusano of Rome. Sintalica’s scientific team consists of world-leading scientists in chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology and neurodegenerative diseases.

“These authorizations are critical to Sintalica’s ongoing drug discovery program. We are confident that our non-hallucinogenic psychedelic molecules can lead to breakthrough treatments for neuroinflammatory diseases that affect millions of patients worldwide,” said Bruce Linton, chairman and co-founder of Sintalica.

“Today marks the final development phase for this important project. It is the culmination of more than one year of teamwork and planning by Sintalica and the University of Messina, in collaboration with the Niccolò Cusano University of Rome, which will lead to more efficient and more productive organic and biotechnical synthesis, cultivation, delivery and in vivo trials of psychedelic drugs under one roof,” said Prof. Salvatore Cuzzocrea, rector of the University of Messina, said.


Sintalica Bioscience Corp. is a Canadian drug discovery company operating through its Italian subsidiary focused on using psychedelics to create breakthrough treatments for neuroinflammatory disorders. Sintalica has filed three provisional patents for proprietary psychedelic molecules with improved stability and safety profiles, reduced hallucinogenic effects and improved bioavailability.

Sintalica has exclusive partnerships with the University of Messina and the University of Niccolò Cusano, providing access to the latest research facilities, including laboratories, a polyclinic hospital and a team of world-leading scientists.

For further information, please visit www.sintalica.com.

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