Retro Fitness member seriously hurt in fall onto weights left on floor, lawsuit says

A Bergen County woman has filed a lawsuit against the owners of Retro Fitness, claiming she fell off a machine while exercising and landed on weights left on the floor by another gym user.

Aysun Kahraman, 51, of North Arlington says in court documents she was seriously injured when she fell off an apparatus and landed on dumbbells that another person failed to re-stretch.

The incident occurred Oct. 8, 2020, at the gym in the 100 block of Schuyler Avenue in North Arlington, according to the suit filed Oct. 7 in Bergen County Superior Court.

“Kahraman was injured while using a hamstring machine, (and) she was dropped, hitting her head on dumbbells left on the floor,” the suit states, adding the woman’s injuries were “severe and permanently.”

The lawsuit alleges Retro Fitness and its workers were responsible for keeping the premises free of hazards.

A corporate spokesperson for Retro Fitness did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter Friday.

Founded in 2005, Retro Fitness has 175 gyms across the United States and several locations in New Jersey. The chain is the third largest in the “high-value, low-price” fitness business, the company website states.

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