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Rental Firm Mad about How Lewis Hamilton Drove Its Nissan GT-R R34

Last week Lewis Hamilton shared a clip of himself driving an R34 Nissan GT-R hard around a city. It’s an instant classic video, a rare example of F1’s most successful driver ever just having fun in a cool car, but not everyone is happy about it. Chief among the unfortunate parties seems to be the company that actually owns the car.

CarBuzz reports the car is owned by Japanese company Omoshiro Rent-a-Car, which leased the Nissan to either Hamilton or a partner during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend. The video was filmed soon after, but Hamilton’s outright encouragement was in apparent violation of company policy. In a tweet attributed to the companythe brand simply says that “such driving is prohibited.”

While the brand confirmed the rental to Hamilton to CarBuzz, an Omoshiro Rent-a-Car representative added that “Under the guidance of our attorneys, [Omoshiro is] unable to divulge any further information.” It is unclear if this is an active legal matter.

No matter what happens next, however, the conclusion is the same. If you’re going to take a rental car out to do things the agreement expressly forbids, don’t post a video online unless you’re prepared for the rental company to find it. Even seven-time world champions and 103-time Grand Prix winners are not immune to the rules of rental agreements.

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