Real estate agent Rick Guild oversees historic commercial property sale

You may not know commercial real estate agent Rick Guild, but it’s a safe bet he knows you.

And your alma mater, golf handicap and name of your pet dog.

Guild’s business comes into yours in the most pleasant way possible.

“Relationships are an art form for him,” says Harry Birdwell, chief operating officer of Newmark Robinson Park, Gilde’s employer. “It’s amazing.”

Over a career spanning approximately four decades, Guild has completed over $1 billion in personal leasing and sales of office and industrial properties in Tulsa. Earlier this year, he led the $101.17 million sale of the Warren Place office complex, the largest commercial real estate transaction ever recorded in the city, according to Newmark.

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For his accomplishments, Tulsa World Magazine selected Gilde as one of its Tulsans of the Year.

“It’s about knowing the buildings, but it’s also about knowing the owners and the tenants and understanding the market,” says Gilde, senior vice president of Newmark Robinson Park in Tulsa. “It’s crazy how when you do this for 40 years how you get to know every building owner, every tenant…

“It’s my job to know the 60-year-old decision-makers, the 50-year-olds, the 40-year-olds, the 30-year-olds. You can’t just stick with the people your age or you” you’re going to keep having relationships establish.”

Guild, who grew up in Oklahoma City, attended Oklahoma State University before landing a job at Xerox, where he was groomed in salesmanship.

“They have a dedicated university in Leesburg, Virginia, where they sent you for two months,” he said. “Then they trained you for over a year before they asked you to sell anything. Nobody does that anymore.

“At the time, it was the best sales training in the world.”

Gilde began his real estate career with the Trammel Crow Company in 1983. He served a term with Property Company of America before starting his own firm in 1997. He was recruited to work at Newmark Robinson Park two years ago.

Gilde’s people skills get him through almost every door, and his approachability allows him to retain and expand his clientele.

“I pick up everyone’s phone call,” he said. “I don’t have an assistant, junior broker, that I push things off of. I do it all, no matter how small it is, how big it is. My clients expect it.”

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