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Ram Built an Awesome Retro 2500 Pickup for Chris Stapleton

Country star Chris Stapleton seems to have a longstanding relationship with Ram trucks. That partnership includes things like an upcoming cover of an Al Green song called “I’m a Ram” and a 2016 “Ram Nation concert,” but it also includes the opportunity for Stapleton to ask Ram to ‘ building a throwback to one of their most memorable trucks ever. The result is this, the Ram 2500 “Traveller” one-off.

Inspired by the 1979 Ram Palomino that the brand calls “a Stapleton favorite,” the Traveler, announced Monday via Facebook, is a customized Ram 2500. The exterior is highlighted by a two-tone with a graphic stripe that directly pay homage to it. Palomino. The shades of cream and light brown have been tweaked for more modern paint technology, while the dash itself has been redesigned to better suit the more curved shape of a modern 2500. Up front, the look is completed with a sculptural Ram hood ornament that the grille pops out.

Inside, the retro-inspired look continues with dark brown leather and walnut materials highlighted by red flannel accents on the headrests and inside the center console. That plaid is a call back to the jacket Stapleton wore on the cover of the album that gave the truck its name, Traveller. The truck is promoting a Stapleton exhibit in Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame, one that, not coincidentally, is already sponsored by Aries.

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