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Punjab’s Guinness Record holder Kuwar Amritbir Singh is on a fitness mission : The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 13

There’s a lot more than six-pack abs and a sharp exterior that defines 20-year-old Kuwar Amritbir Singh. The young lad, who hails from Gurdaspur, not only holds a Guinness record for most push-ups with claps (fingertips) in a minute, but is also a fitness guru, motivational speaker and a social media influencer. He attempted a few records before getting confirmation from Guinness Records in July 2022.2022 11$largeimg 689087729

Setting a Guinness record was a huge confidence booster for this student of Khalsa College Amritsar, who believes that joining expensive gyms and having protein supplements is not necessary for physical fitness and body building. He started his journey in fitness at the age of 17 and always wanted to follow a different path. He started training in a cowshed in his home at Umarwala village and happily includes desi ghee, butter and milk in his diet. “I used bricks, sandbags, plastic bags with cement, etc. as equipment to carry out my fitness program,” says Amritbir.

But his dreams are not limited to winning awards and setting records as Amritbir says he wants to contribute to society and community. The youngster, who has nearly 2 lakh followers on Instagram, has started a unique initiative to offer diet and fitness tips for Rs 5. The money thus collected is used to help needy youngsters to buy sports equipment and equipment etc. for sale. He has helped 60 people through this so far. He will soon be featured in an inspirational music video.

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