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Partner Track: Cancelled; No Season Two for Netflix Legal Drama Series – canceled + renewed TV shows

Partner Follow TV Show on Netflix: Canceled, No Season 2

(Photo by: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix)

It’s case closed for that Partner Track TV series. Netflix has canceled the legal drama, so there won’t be a second season or a resolution to the first season’s cliffhanger.

Based on the 2013 novel by Helen Wan, the Partner Track TV series was developed by Georgia Lee. The show stars Arden Cho, Alexandra Turshen, Bradley Gibson, Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Matthew Rauch and Roby Attal. The story follows Ingrid Yun (Cho), a young and idealistic mergers and acquisitions attorney who struggles to balance her moral compass with her desire to become a partner at the prestigious law firm, Parsons Valentine & Hunt.

Apparently, Netflix had high hopes Partner Track and even commissioned a writers’ room to work on a second season before the show’s launch. It is also said to have been produced by Jax Media on a modest budget.

The 10-episode first season was released by Netflix on August 26, and it landed in fourth place on Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 list for English-language series. It was only listed for three weeks, which apparently wasn’t good enough for the streamer to issue a second season order.

What do you think? Do you have the Partner Track TV series on Netflix? Are you disappointed that the show was canceled and won’t have a second season?

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