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Oswego County Senior LPN Bourgeois Receives Health Care Award

December 2, 2022

Oswego County Senior LPN Tina Bourgeois is one of the recipients of the 2022 Rural Health Champion of the Year Award. The honor recognizes Bourgeois for her demonstrated leadership and advocacy on behalf of Oswego County health providers and residents.

“We are thrilled that Tina is the recipient of this award as she is a true rural health champion,” said Oswego County Interim Public Health Director Vera Dunsmoor. “Tina had a profound impact on Oswego County. She is dedicated to improving the health and lives of residents and has a passion for public health that is second to none. We are happy to see her receive this recognition.”

Co-workers who nominated Bourgeois for the award describe her as someone who “provides a breath of fresh air” to the department with her high-energy delivery of services and way of interacting with colleagues. Her reputation among her peers and community members has made her healthcare services in high demand over the years, with families specifically requesting her for appointments.

Bourgeois received 184 votes from her nomination, but her work benefited thousands of county residents. For more than 30 years, she worked full-time for the Oswego County Health Department, investigating communicable diseases, administering vaccines and assisting at STD and HIV clinics. The senior LPN even visited patients at home.

According to her peers, Bourgeois delivers the necessary vaccines at lightning speed. She keeps track of hectic vaccine schedules and can soothe and coax reluctant children before their injections. Other members of the health department said it would be a challenge to find a county resident who had not had a family member, friend or themselves vaccinated by Bourgeois. After more than three decades of service, Bourgeois plans to retire next March.

“It was an honor to present Tina as one of the 2022 Rural Health Champions,” said Leanna Cleveland, H&N’s director of operations for Oswego County Opportunities. “Tina’s tenure at the OCHD is inspiring and embodies everything that the Rural Health Champion Award seeks to recognise. I thank Tina for all she has done to improve the health and well-being of Oswego County residents.”

For more information about the Oswego County Health Department, visit or call 315-349-3545. For more information about the Rural Health Network of Oswego County, visit
Rural Health Network Champion (TBurgeois) 12-1-22 (1b)

BOURGEOIS RECOGNIZED WITH AWARD – The Rural Health Network of Oswego County recognized Tina Bourgeois, senior LPN at the Oswego County Health Department, with its 2022 Rural Health Champion of the Year Award. Bourgeois, who was nominated for the award by her colleagues, received 184 votes. Pictured are from left Jeanne King; bourgeois; Jennifer Purtell; and Jodi Martin. Pictured from left are Will Beaudry; Betty Dunsmoor, Linda Kilger, Meghan Tice; Haley Donhauser; Debbie Murray; Jennifer DiGregorio; Patricia Owens; Diane Oldenburg and Hilary Wilton.

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