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North Port resident still waiting on insurance company after Hurricane Ian causes major damage to home

Hurricane Ian damaged Sylvia Kennedy’s home in North Port more than two months ago, and since then she has been patiently waiting for her insurance company to process her claim.

There’s a tarp on her roof, but it still leaks every time it rains at Kennedy’s House off San Mateo Drive. Now there is mustiness, and she has to use scented candles to mask the smell.

“I don’t know what else to do. I really don’t,” she said.

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The ceiling in her front entry and garage came down and water soaked the interior of her second floor. Her walls and ceiling are now cracking at the seams.

“Everything is wooden upstairs, so it was quite devastating, all the carpet got wet, I have to throw away a lot of my stuff,” she said.

Hours after the storm passed, Kennedy filed a claim with her insurance People’s Trust. She said an adjuster came to her home on Oct. 18, and she asked to rip out her floors because they were getting wet. The adjuster told her to wait until a contractor came out. Since then, she hasn’t heard anything from anyone.

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Kennedy said she spent $1,500 out of pocket but has yet to receive any assistance.

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“They don’t tell me anything,” she said.

Kennedy is worried about her health with mold still growing in her home.

“I have some money that I can’t touch from retirement, but I don’t know. I’m living off my pension and my social security now,” Kennedy said.

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FOX 13 called People’s Trust Insurance. An agent said a new adjuster had been reassigned to Kennedy’s claim, and it was still being reviewed. A timeline could not be given.

Kennedy retired after 36 years as the program coordinator for Charlotte County Libraries. She waits daily for any word from her insurance, not knowing what her future holds.

“I thank God that I was able to stay here, but I did not expect this after I retired,” she said.

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