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New BCG book presents roadmap for healthcare sector transformation

The Patient Priority Show how health systems around the world can deliver better health outcomes for the same or lower costs

BOSTON, Nov 2 2022 /PRNewswire/ – To address the mounting crises facing the global health sector in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, health systems around the world must refocus their efforts to deliver better health outcomes to patients for the money spent, according to a new book by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The patient priority: Solving healthcare's value crisis by measuring and delivering outcomes that matter to patients

The patient priority: Solving healthcare’s value crisis by measuring and delivering outcomes that matter to patients

The book, titled The patient priority: Solving healthcare’s value crisis by measuring and delivering outcomes that matter to patientsis being launched today before an international audience of health professionals at the tenth anniversary conference of the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) in Boston.

Measuring health outcomes: The key to sustainable health system reform

The Patient Priority is the product of more than a decade of research and consulting at BCG in the domain of value-based healthcare. In contrast to traditional approaches to health system reform that emphasize cost containment, value-based healthcare shifts the focus to continuous improvement in the health outcomes delivered to patients.

Through powerful case studies of leading value-based innovators around the world, the book shows how systematically measuring, tracking and improving health outcomes over time allows health systems to:

  • deliver better patient outcomes and general population health more consistently

  • identify and disseminate best-practice diagnostics and treatments faster

  • control total healthcare costs more effectively (because unnecessary procedures are eliminated, expensive complications occur less frequently and repeated treatments are avoided)

  • rebuild the confidence and motivation of health professionals by aligning system performance goals with professional purpose

“The only way the healthcare sector can simultaneously contain costs and improve quality is through continuous improvement in delivering health outcomes that matter to patients at the center of how individual provider organizations and entire national health systems are organized and managed,” said Dr. . Stefan Larsson, BCG senior advisor, ICHOM co-founder, and lead author of the book. “This is what we mean by ‘the patient priority’. How to make it real is the subject of our book.”

A Roadmap for Health System Transformation

The Patient Priority is a practical step-by-step guide for leaders of individual healthcare organizations who want to improve the value they deliver to patients. Dr. Thomas Leechief medical officer at Press Ganey Associates, Inc., and editor-in-chief of NEJM Catalystcalls it “One of the best books on health care I’ve ever read. It takes the concept of value-based health care from rhetoric to actionable frameworks for strategy and operations.”

The Patient Priority also presents a detailed roadmap for the value-based transformation of national health systems in which care pathways, payment models, digital infrastructure, and government policies and regulations are all aligned with the shared goal of improving patient value – ushering in a new era of patient-centered innovation that delivers step-by-step functional improvements in productivity, performance and population health.

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for increased multi-stakeholder collaboration to transform health systems around the world,” said Rich Less, BCG’s global chair. “We are proud of BCG’s leadership role in the international value-based healthcare community, including our pro bono support of ICHOM. In The Patient Priorityoffers our authors a comprehensive agenda to ensure the long-term sustainability of the world’s health systems and better health outcomes for patients.”

In addition to Dr. Larsson, the co-authors of The Patient Priority is Jennifer Clawsona partner in BCGs Madrid office and global head of the firm’s Center for Value in Healthcare, and Josh Kellara partner in BCGs Chicago office and co-leader of BCG’s medical response to Covid-19.

The Patient Priority is published by McGraw Hill and is available at Amazon.com and other online book sites.

To see a three-minute video about the book, click here.

To arrange an interview with one of the authors, please get in touch Eric Gregoire at +1 617 850 3783 or gregoire.eric@bcg.com.

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