NBC Universal Reportedly Cancels Jay Leno’s Garage TV Series


NBC Universal has canceled Jay Leno’s reality television series after seven seasons, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Speaking to unnamed sources from inside CNBC, The Hollywood Reporter says the cancellation of Jay Leno’s Garage comes amid a “major schedule shift” within the channel that will see prime-time slots filled with reruns of more popular reality shows such as Shark tank and Undercover Bossplus original business documentaries sprinkled in.

The Hollywood Reporter did not mention whether the cancellation of Leno’s television show will affect the identically named YouTube channel, which follows a simpler format that usually includes one car that Jay showcases. There is no indication that the channel’s weekly publishing format will change.

The television show was a bit more complex than Leno’s YouTube series. In addition to showcasing the comedian’s massive collection of cars, the show has hosted celebrity guests such as President Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The show also featured stunts like drag racing to entertain audiences.

The news of the show’s cancellation comes just a week after Leno, 72, suffered multiple broken bones in a motorcycle accident. In November, Leno suffered severe burns to his face and arms while working on a steam engine, and had to be hospitalized, but made a full recovery.