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I love eating out, it’s a great way to enjoy an evening, avoid cooking and eat food that I often don’t cook at home. As a vegetarian, I like to try new things when I eat out and then replicate them at home. This way I don’t spend a long time at home cooking something I might not even like! For example, I first tried jackfruit when I was eating out and now use it regularly at home.

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Bad service

I have worked in restaurants and bars in the past so I know how exhausting the work can be and how difficult some customers can be, but in my eyes that does not excuse bad service. One of my pet hates is when you eat out and the wait staff doesn’t have the manners to ask if everything was okay when they clear your plates and you left a large amount of your food.

Unprofessional staff

One thing that drives me absolutely nuts is when staff chat about a night out or talk about TV etc when they are in serving areas. I totally get that they have a life outside of work, but when you’re waiting to be served and the staff are too busy chatting about last night’s “I’m A Celebrity” I just lose my patience!

Dirty premises

If we eat out and the restaurant, cafe or bar is dirty, it immediately puts me off. I don’t mean there are tables that need cleaning or dirty glasses at the end of the bar that haven’t been washed, I mean really dirty places like when the decor is dirty and has a layer of dust on it. For me this includes the toilets, air ducts, windows and everything you see as a customer, and areas you don’t! It is not difficult to keep businesses like this clean with window cleaners, specialist cleaners, air duct cleaning services and professional oven cleaners.

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Cold food

I use a food thermometer at home when I’m unsure if the center of a meal is hot, so when I eat out I really think there’s no excuse for serving cold food. In circumstances like this, I don’t necessarily blame the server because it’s most likely the chef’s fault. While I understand that sometimes this can be due to poor training, faulty equipment or short staffing, this is still a huge pet peeve of mine!

Slow service

In general, I don’t mind how long my food takes if I am made aware of this and the place where I wait is relaxing and comfortable. What I absolutely hate is when there is no communication and you see other meals go out that were ordered after yours, but you still don’t have your food and haven’t been told why.

Anything I missed?

Do you have any other pet hates when you eat out? Is it when the staff are not quick to serve you or chat with their friends while serving you? Maybe you work in a restaurant and you want to answer back with things you hate that customers do. Let me know in the comments below!

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