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My home office – how I designed it

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Despite talking about my dream home office before, I designed it very differently when we moved house and I got my own office. Some of the reasons for that were economic, I didn’t want to buy too many new things, and some of the reasons were just that I changed my mind!

dream work from home office
My previous dream office

The furniture

I have mostly black furniture, which I chose to add some contrast to the predominantly white walls. Although I like the white furniture and white walls look, I knew that in the long run I would find it too clinical and it would frustrate me.

I have a large sturdy desk as I use two monitors, my laptop and a printer on my desk along with endless amounts of junk, chargers, a microphone and speakers so I needed something strong!

The floor

Unlike offices in purpose-built buildings, when you have a home office, there are limited choices for your flooring. As I work full time in my office, it’s just me, so I didn’t feel the need for something durable like resin flooring, but I also didn’t want something that would quickly ruin my office chair.

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In the end I chose a carpet that I liked, but with a tough underlay designed for high traffic areas like stairs or offices. I also have a plastic floor protector over my carpet which will hopefully make it last longer.

Some types of flooring are so noisy if you move around on your chair frequently, so that’s something I’ve considered as well. Since we’ve only been here 6 months, it’s hard to see if this is the best choice yet. Maybe next time I’ll go for something more durable like the resin floors. I’ve seen resin ramps so know they have to be durable so maybe that’s the way forward!

The walls

For my work I take a lot of photos of products, and sometimes of myself, so I wanted quite simple walls. That said I also wanted a feature wall that I loved but would also look good as a photo backdrop so I chose rose gold and brick design which you can see in the photo below. I preferred this to the more natural brick designs as they all looked so dark and more suited to an older house, our house is only 20 years old so still pretty modern!

bottle of wine

I also plan to add a bit of a gallery wall on one of my other walls, the one behind my desk, of motivational quotes and photos that make me smile. I’m also conscious of not cluttering up my office too, which is hard because I love so many things!

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Do you work at home?

How did you choose your office design, do you have specialist flooring, a particular wallpaper or motivational phrases? I would love to hear from your office, so feel free to comment and let me know below. As much as I love my office, I’m already considering a redecoration!

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