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Moffat County real estate transactions eclipse $4.5M in October

The following real estate sales in Moffat County were recorded in October.

86 County Road 39
Seller: Lori Craig
Buyer: David Noland
Sale price: $288,900
Description: Hamilton Subdivision, lots 1-8, block 9 and vacated Texas Avenue adjacent

3833 W. 6th St.
Seller: NCM Holdings LLC
Buyer: Lillianne Valdez
Price: $180,000
Description: Ridgeview Townhouses subdivision, lot 5, block 7, planned unit development

1770 Doe Run Drive
Seller: Benjamin Ball
Buyer: Kurt Holscher
Price: $775,000
Description: Doe Run Subdivision, Lot 10, Filing 2

400 Behrman St.
Seller: Eric Rivering
Buyer: Bradley Yoder
Price: $275,000
Description: See document

1701 West Drive
Seller: Tania Bade
Buyer: Lysandra Presley
Price: $310,000
Description: Woodbury Subdivision, Lot 5, Block 4

723 Green St.
Seller: Maria Lopez
Buyer: Allen Skrdlant
Price: $273,000
Description: Sunset subdivision, lots 29-30, block 6 and the S10′ of lot 31, second addition

No address
Seller: Kama Investments LLC
Buyer: Margarita Herrera Bravo
Price: $18,000
Description: Villa West subdivision, lot 15, block 1

3880 W. 6th St.
Seller: NCM Holdings LLC
Buyer: Shawnna Elmore
Price: $165,000
Description: Ridgeview Townhouses subdivision, lot 22, block 7, planned unit development

1861 Timberlane Drive
Seller: Elliott Land Trustee LLC
Buyer: Scott Gaines
Price: $220,000
Description: Wilderness Ranches subdivision, lots 251-252, filing 4

985 Lincoln St.
Seller: Steven Durbin
Buyer: Michael Chaffin
Price: $355,000
Description: Craig View Subdivision, Lots 42-44, Block 25

30 County Road
Seller: James Green
Buyer: Michael W & Elizabeth M Hitchcock Revocable Trust
Price: $59,000
Description: Buckley Minor Subdivision, Lot 1

1045 Barclay St.
Seller: Kyle McQuiggan
Buyer: Todd Nordstrom
Price: $288,000
Description: State Addition Subdivision, lots 46-48, block 3, N2 lot 48

2275 W. 3rd St.
Seller: John W Gray Revocable Family Trust
Buyer: Kenneth Boles
Price: $290,000
Description: Riverview subdivision, lot 8, block 1

1906 W. 2nd St.
Seller: Ashley Vasquez
Buyer: Mark Luddington
Price: $280,000
Description: Meadows subdivision, lot 2, block 7, first addition

922 Colorado St.
Seller: Wayne Walgren
Buyer: James Tryon
Price: $334,900
Description: Craig View subdivision, lots 19-24, block 25, S2 lot 19

700 Taylor St.
Seller: Thomas Kourlis
Buyer: Dennis Fredrickson
Price: $195,000
Description: Original Craig Subdivision, lots 23-24, block 9, and the S2 of lot 22

780 County Road 30
Seller: Steve Baker
Buyer: Randy Westberg
Price: $195,000
Description: Doe Run Subdivision, Lot 2

Total Sales: $4.5 million

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