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‘Making it look easy’: Esha Gupta’s trainer praises her commitment to fitness

Celebrities often share their workout videos on social media. In doing so, they not only impress us with their commitment to healthy living, but also set massive fitness goals. In a similar way, we give a glimpse of the actor Esha Gupta‘s fitness session was her trainer Saqib Merchant.

In the photo shared by Saqib on his Instagram page, the Paradise 2 actor can be seen lifting weights.

“Strength, discipline, commitment and energy. Esha Gupta make it look easy!” he wrote.

Esha Gupta Coach Esha Gupta’s coach Saqib Merchant wished her on her birthday (Source: Saqib Merchant/Instagram Stories)

The actor, who turned 37 on November 28, is known as a fitness enthusiast.

The trainer also previously shared a video in which she is seen doing a bodyweight exercise with considerable ease. “Stronger every day,” he wrote.

In another video, she shared a montage of clips where Esha can be seen working out in the gym.

As seen in the videos, it is well known that strength training is considered an important part of training. Here’s why.

A good weight training routine prepares you for daily activities, said certified fitness trainer Sameeran Chetia. “Imagine lifting a heavy object off the ground and placing it on a shelf above you. It sounds a bit challenging, right? But if you have a habit of lifting weights on a daily basis, it will be quite an easy task for you. Besides, the sense of accomplishment one gets after lifting something heavy is a good way to motivate oneself,” said Chetia.

Experts suggest that strength training is one of the best ways to improve strength in areas such as the core, legs, lower back and upper body.

Dr Aashish Contractor, Director, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital said that as one ages, muscle mass is lost, so strength training “becomes of crucial importance to also carry out daily activities, and must therefore be part of everyone’s training programme”.

Strength training speeds up the metabolic rate, which aids in faster absorption of nutrients, said Jitendra Chouksey, founder of FITTR. in an earlier interaction. “More importantly, strength training helps burn calories not only during the workout but also while the body is at rest,” he said.

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