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The holidays are here and some people are already thinking ahead to New Year’s resolutions.

A popular resolution is to lose weight and get in shape.

“Make sure you exercise every day whether it’s 30 minutes or 100 and 90 minutes, just get some exercise,” said Jennifer Babb, general manager of Crunch Fitness in Hixson.

The key to staying fit during the holidays is adding physical activity to your routine in between the fun festivities.

Babb said start your fitness routine now.

“Just get out there and practice. It’s a lifestyle change, it’s not about a diet,” she said.

Liam Cogan, part owner of Crunch Fitness, said his experience in the military keeps him disciplined and he plans to bring that experience to his clients.

“Through my years in the military, I’ve really learned that when you eat too much, when you go into a funk, when you don’t sleep right, you drink a little bit, you just get out of the cycle. So just take that one step to maybe have one less sweet or one less drink before you go to bed,” Cogan said.

The new $4 million Crunch Fitness Center will be 28,000 square feet with brand new equipment and resources for gym goers to fight holiday food comas in the new year.

It is on track to open in early January.

Cogan said surrounding yourself with fitness enthusiasts in group fitness classes will help with motivation.

“If you do group fitness, if you do personal training, you’re going to have an eighty percent better chance of reaching your goals and sticking to doing them again,” Cogan said.

The new facility will offer more than 50 classes a week ranging from Barre, High Intensity Interval Training, cycling, Zumba, and much more.

The facility is still in the process of staffing its fitness team and is always looking for top-of-the-line fitness instructors to join them.

Early registration for membership is now open.

For more information click here.

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