Life Is Too Long To Not Eat Your Favorite Foods

Life is too long to not eat your favorite foods

~ Life is too long not to eat your favorite food ~

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This is 100% what I believe.

Cuz sis, the mindset of doing everything perfectly can kind of drive you crazy. Again… and this bears repeating… life is too long not to eat your favorite food.

Life Is Too Long To Not Eat Your Favorite Foods

It can also make you feel really bad about yourself if you don’t do things perfectly.

In fact, I think being a little more IMPERFECT with your habits can help you be a lot more than harm you.

Allowing some of those fun things into your life, food-wise, helps you reach your body goals.

REPEAT TO ME: I don’t have to be perfect!

If you loosen the reins a little, you will probably be much more successful.

So again, when you go into a new diet, a new fitness routine, whatever it is, cut yourself some slack because you don’t have to do it perfectly.

Finding that middle ground of moderation when it comes to your approach is also going to be a lot more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, consistency wins when it comes to changing your body, getting healthier and feeling better.

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