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Letter to the Editor: Criminals Will Have Guns Whether They’re Legal or Not

Letter writer Kimball Shinkosky missed the point in the letter to the editor published Thursday about ownership of “assault weapons” like the AR-15.

The second amendment was placed in the Constitution to ensure that the public can be protected from the government.

Does the average person need an AR-15? Of course not. But you can’t pick and choose what you want to read in the edit. If you make ownership of an AR-15 illegal, the dominoes start to fall.

Of course, this is already a reality, and you can see how the left is chomping at the bit to restrict gun ownership even more. They moved from automatic weapons to magazine size. Does limiting magazine size to 10 rounds make everyone safer? Heck no. It just means that the person moving through the mall shooting at everyone has to reload more often – assuming they follow the law by limiting themselves to 10 round magazines.

Has anyone on the left noticed that most mass shootings happen in “gun free zones”? Do you want to make your children safer? Arm some teachers. Want to make the mall safer? Arm yourself. Want to make your home safer? Have a loaded weapon available in your home. Teach your kids gun safety, don’t try to protect them from guns. Or better yet, send them to an NRA firearms safety class — and go with them.

We as a society need to understand that there are tens of millions of firearms out there, and trying to ban them, or limit ownership, is like spitting in the ocean to raise its level. You can make it so that good citizens cannot protect themselves from the criminal element, who will own firearms whether they are legal or not.

Bruce Peterson


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