Les Mills Mat Pilates Review


Share a review of Les Mills Pilates on LesMills+. If you want to try the platform – the workouts are AMAZING – use my link for 30 days free.

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For today’s post I wanted to share a review of the Les Mills Pilates classes on LesMills+ (formally Les Mills on Demand) because I’ve been loving them lately! It feels SO good to get a traditional Pilates workout at home, especially since Reformer classes are close to my $$$ and I don’t know of any nearby mat classes. I share my full review in this post and if you want to try it, my referral link gets you 30 days free.

Les Mills Mat Pilates Review

Les Mills Mat Pilates Review

Pilates was one of my first workout loves! I would do Mari Winsor DVDs – what a legend – and loved that the moves challenged me in a unique way, targeted core strength and didn’t make me super sweaty. 😉 (Sometimes it’s nice to go the rest of the day without showering, or looking like a wet rat.)

I also fell in love with Pilates at our LA Fitness while in college; an older man, who was a veteran, would lead us through a mat workout that would make my muscles beg for mercy.

Les Mills Pilates classes include many of the classic Pilates elements that many of us know and love: the hundred, teasers, side leg sets, swan, roll-ups, etc. It felt good to do familiar movements but with the Les Mills amazing cues, instruction and music that I love so much.

Here is how the class is structured:

1) Warm up, with movements like hundred, roll down, baby swan

2) Hundred power, including hundred, arm pump, leg circles

3) Abdominal range, with movements such as double and single leg extension, cross and transverse

4) Side leg series

5) Back row with swan, single leg kick, swimming, back extensions

6) Power/power with moves like the roll up, teasers, can-look

7) Cool down, with stretches such as the saw, spine stretch and forward fold

The mat Pilates classes are all approximately 35 minutes long.

Les Mills Mat Pilates Review

Benefits of Les Mills Pilates

– Easy to follow along and change as needed. Les Mills workouts have the best cueing and instruction of all the online classes I’ve taken (and I’ve taken A LOT). You will know exactly what to do, and how to do each movement safely and efficiently. Each workout has at least one modifier, which performs beginner and low-impact modifications throughout the workout.

– Movements match the music. One of my favorite things about Les Mills is that the music matches the exercises. They strategically plan each workout (based on lots of testing and science, like how many squats you should do at what pace), and design the playlists to match the movements. I feel that this element makes it much easier to immerse yourself in the workout and is really motivating.

– Low impact. The mat class contains no standing, jumping or joint stomping movements. You are on your mat the entire time and not standing for the entire workout.

– Focused core strength and breath work. Pilates is an excellent cross-training tool because it will challenge your core stability, rotation, flexion and extension; all movements we want for functional core strength and stability. There are endurance components with multiple reps and isometric holds, all while focusing on strategic breathing to target the muscles in your core. Core strength can affect our workouts, but also our everyday movements, so I think it’s a smart component to add to a traditional strength training routine.


– Even if you edit, it’s a LOT of core work. If you have recently had abdominal surgery or are early postpartum, this may not be the best fit.

– They currently have as many Mat Pilates classes on the app as they offer for other classes, BUT they also have BALANCE and CORE. Both of these classes incorporate Pilates elements and are fantastic low impact yet challenging workouts.

What equipment do you need?

All you need for these workouts is a mat!

Les Mills+ Discount Code

You can use my link here for a free month of Les Mills+ and check out their gear here. I have a Les Mills mat that I use at home, along with their foam roller.

So tell me, friends? Are you a Pilates fan or not so much? If you’re looking for some cross training to add to your routine, or intentional core work, I highly recommend giving it a try!



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