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Kate Hudson’s Health & Fitness Routine Includes This Buzzy Workout Equipment

If you’re looking for some workout inspiration, you’ve just found it in what appears to be Kate Hudson’s go-to fitness routine. On January 25, the Glass onion actor and INBLOOM founder posted a series of photos on Instagram using the Tracy Anderson method, in which a wooden stick is used to perform various movements. In her Instagram caption, Hudson wrote, “Movement bubbles up some happy vibes…Try it…” She also suggested making her Happy Vibe Smoothie afterward using one of her INBLOOM supplements, the chocolate flavored Clean Green Protein Powder, and other good for -your ingredients like almond butter and oat milk. But back to the Tracy Anderson method…

When you buy Anderson’s MYMODE, it comes with a wooden bar, exercise platform, a set of weights and resistance bands. With the staff you can do a myriad of motion algorithms, some of which Hudson demonstrates in her post. It allows you to work all kinds of muscles, including ones you probably didn’t even know you had. And Anderson recently launched MYMODE Elect, which gives you an even more customizable experience, as you can focus on buying select pieces of her workout gear—ones that will fit you best—instead of an entire bundle.

For example, if you want to add more weights to your workout, you can get MYMODE Elect’s Hand & Band Bundle, which consists of two 3-lb. dumbbells and four resistance bands. Or, if you want to focus more on upper body strength and an endless number of workout moves, her Staff & Puck Bundle might be a better fit for you. The staff goes into a staff socket in the multi-level platform box to give you a plethora of movement options. However, note that MYMODE Elect is a program for Anderson’s Online Studio + TA Live subscribers, and it contains content that caters to each bundle.

To try Hudson’s new wellness workout for yourself, you can check out MYMODE Elect bundles here. And if you’re looking to up your post-workout smoothie game going forward, you’ll also find Hudson’s INBLOOM vegan chocolate supplement.

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