Jeep Teases 2023 Easter Jeep Safari with Eye-Catching Sketches

  • Jeep has shown two new teasers ahead of the 2023 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.
  • The brand is taking the opportunity, now in its 57th yearst year, as a showcase for new concept vehicles.
  • The company released the first two “route markers” hinting at what it will bring to the event scheduled for April 1–9, 2023.

Jeep Nation rejoices! The Easter Jeep Safari is almost upon us. This year will be the 57thst Safari, and true to form, Jeep has started hinting at the wild concepts it will bring. The first two teasers—or “route markers,” as Jeep calls them—were released today. Rather than images or renderings, the company showed off two striking sketches.

The first sketch shows what looks like a muscular two-door version of the Gladiator truck with a wide set of knobby off-road tires hiding under what looks like the biggest fenders we’ve seen on a Jeep yet. From what we can see by looking through the blinding green haze of the sketch, the driver’s side mirror has migrated from the A-pillar and now rests directly in front of the enlarged front fender.

2023 Easter jeep safari concept teaser

Jeep / Stellantis

The second sketch has a slightly more muted color scheme, which appears to be Jeep’s way of showing off the blue-trimmed 4xe font. This concept looks like a more basic Wrangler Rubicon off-roader, and we can see enlarged screens again. Unlike in the Green Giant sketch, the mirror placement in this sketch looks standard. One element that isn’t standard is that the doors have been replaced by tubular half-doors, while the rear windows are replaced by some kind of Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) utility rack.

Last year, Jeep brought a whopping seven concept vehicles to the event. We think it’s a safe bet that they’ll bring at least that much this year, too. Two more each week between now and the start of the Easter Jeep Safari would bring the total to eight, surpassing last year’s figure.

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