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Jay Leno Released from Hospital after Treatment for Car Fire Burns

Comedian and celebrity gearhead Jay Leno was released from a Los Angeles hospital Monday after suffering burns from a car fire, the hospital said in a statement.

Leno, 72, was admitted to the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, California earlier this month after suffering burns caused by a sudden car fire at his private storage facility. The previous one Tonight Show host suffered “severe” injuries to his face, chest and hands, said Variety he needed “a week or two” to get back on his feet after the incident. He spent a total of 10 days in the hospital.

“I am pleased with Jay’s progress, and I am optimistic that he will make a full recovery,” said Dr. Peter Grossman, Leno’s doctor, said in a statement released by the Burn Center.

Leno will continue to receive follow-up care for his injuries at the Grossman Outpatient Burn Clinic.

The television host operated a 1907 White Model G steam engine to try and open a fuel leak, which caused fuel to spray onto the comedian’s face and hands. TMZ reports. A spark quickly ignited the fuel, causing the fire to start.

“Jay would like to let everyone know how grateful he is for the care he received, and is very appreciative of all the good fortune,” the hospital said in a statement. “He looks forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family and friends and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday.”

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