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Is It Legal To Bury Your Spouse In Your Yard In Colorado?

After their death is natural. Sure, we love our spouses, but sometimes they get on our nerves and we get on their nerves, it’s a common thing in any normal relationship and as much as you want to bury them sometimes because they do the things that make you the make crazy , this is simply a question for those who have wondered or have ever wondered.

Well, if you’ve ever thought it would be a great idea and something you’d like to explore, the good news is that most states, Colorado included, do allow you to bury a spouse in your yard.


According to the Home Funeral Alliance,

“Religious observances, family gatherings, memorials and private events are not under the jurisdiction of the state or funeral professionals, who have no medico-legal authority, unless it is transferred to them when they are paid for service.”

Whether it’s for a religious reason, you simply want them to be closer to you, or you want to save some serious cash, because let’s face it, funerals and burials in a cemetery can be pretty expensive, and it may be a viable option for you.

Three states do not allow home funerals (Washington, California and Indiana, while several states allow you to do so but with a funeral director involved, those states are Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Alabama and Louisiana.

See every step of the process from ways to preserve the body at home, to the burial process including how to make a grave, it’s all at

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