50m Grant Awarded

Institute of Transitional Medicine receives $51M grant to improve health equity in Chicago area

CHICAGO (CBS) — A major grant has been awarded to improve health equity across the Chicago area.

The National Institutes of Health gave $51 million to the Institute of Translational Medicine.

It is a partnership between several Chicagoland universities and health systems.

“Health equity is the opportunity for everyone to have the best wellness they can have,” said Julian Solway, MD, Dean of Translational Medicine at the University of Chicago.

Some of the funding will go towards research to see how life experiences influence human biology to determine health. This includes everything from violence in communities to stress, the food we eat and access to parks.

This funding will also help start a community-based research network of nonprofits and other organizations that want to address the health issues affecting their members by collaborating with doctors and researchers.

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