How functional testing can help you lose weight


I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight, and in this free training I’ll teach you how too!

Are you tired of feeling like a stranger in your own body? Tired of counting calories without results? Hoping to lose 20 pounds in 2023? Then this training is for you!

I’ll share the functional testing secrets that have helped thousands of women lose weight so you too can create a personalized approach to fat loss. Instead of jumping from fad to fad, I’ll outline how functional testing can give you a direct plan of action to effortlessly achieve your dream body!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✔️Why losing weight by counting calories doesn’t work if you’re 30+

✔️ What functional testing is all about and how it can help you

✔️Tips and tricks that have helped my clients lose weight easily

✔️The functional tests that are worth your time

✔️How to create a plan of action based on your test results

How functional testing can help you lose weight

Ready to get to the body of your dreams? Read on to learn more about our 6-month 1:1 functional testing program with 1:1 nutrition coaching!


Feel completely transformed within six months!

Our functional testing and coaching package helps you understand what’s really going on in your body with guidance from the CNC team.

We will provide support for your unique needs by deciphering 3 functional tests, complete with personalized interpretations and targeted protocols based on your results.

After we carefully interpret your functional test results, you will work with a CNC trainer for ongoing support and protocol accountability.

      • 6 months of customized support from the CNC team
      • Supplementary and convenient home tests:
        1. One initial DUTCH Test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)
        2. One initial HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) at the start
        3. One additional HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) at the end of the program***
      • Customized protocol based on test results
      • Initial consultation with goal setting
      • Comprehensive nutrition audit
      • Weekly liability registrations
      • Regular feedback on food diary
      • Unlimited communication with coach via voice messages
      • Access to a robust online customer portal
      • Ongoing support via private Facebook community group

If you are looking for a truly comprehensive approach to your health, this option is for you!

It’s time to get empowered by truly understanding your body. We are excited to take this journey with you!

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