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Hook Entertainment releases an official statement of apology for legal issues involving Lee Seung Gi

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On November 25, Hook Entertainment issued an official statement of apology for the legal issues involving singer/actor Lee Seung Gi.

First, the management agency apologized to the public for causing a disruptive incident in the entertainment industry, and also conveyed an apology to Lee Seung Gi for the hardships he suffered. However, the company additionally claimed that earlier media reports, which stated that Lee Seung Gi’s music earnings were unilaterally withheld throughout his 18-year career, were false.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Lee Seung Gi filed a legal request demanding a transparent record of his earnings and payments from Hook Entertainment, believing that the label is withholding his earnings made from distributing his music. Soon after, Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young was reported to have threatened and verbally abused Lee Seung Gi, causing shock. The CEO eventually apologized after her misconduct was made public; however, further reports of unfair treatment Lee Seung Gi allegedly suffered over the years as an artist under Hook Entertainment continued to cause outrage.

Read Hook Entertainment’s full statement below:

“Hello, this is Hook Entertainment.

First of all, we are deeply ashamed and want to apologize to many people for the poor image we have shown through the recent news, including in the issues of the legal conflict with Lee Seung Gi. We would also like to take this opportunity to convey our apologies to Lee Seung Gi, who is undoubtedly undergoing hardships due to recent events. Additionally, we bow our heads to apologize to everyone who was hurt and shocked by CEO Kwon Jin Young’s verbal misconduct.

As we previously revealed in an earlier statement, we are currently still organizing the record requested by Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative. Although we have not completed the process, unconfirmed information about Lee Seung Gi’s earnings and earnings are being reported by media, which we find unfortunate.

In 2021, when Lee Seung Gi’s original contract with Hook Entertainment expired and the artist signed a new contract with the agency, both sides confirmed all financial records from the artist’s debut to the date of the contract’s expiration, with all payments met. Both sides have signed a mutual agreement confirming that financial responsibilities have been fully carried out by both sides.

Despite that, based on Lee Seung Gi’s recent legal request, Hook Entertainment enlisted the help of financial experts to prepare a complete and thorough record of all payments made to Lee Seung Gi so far.

Furthermore, we would like to clarify at this time that the recent media outlet report, which claimed that Hook Entertainment has not paid Lee Seung Gi any of his music earnings since his debut and that the division of earnings between Hook Entertainment and Lee Seung Gi is illegal, are both false.

After a thorough review of records, should there be any responsibilities that we have failed to meet financially, Hook Entertainment intends to correct all errors accordingly. Once again, we feel ashamed and apologetic that we have failed to project a model image as a management agency whose primary responsibility is to maintain healthy relationships with our agency’s artists based on trust and loyalty.

Finally, in the case of singer Lee Sun Hee, she may be listed as a board member of Hook Entertainment as a courtesy due to the fact that she has been an artist with the company since its inception, in fact she has no say in any of the company’s management or financial matters. From 2006 to 2021, 100% of Hook Entertainment’s shares were held by CEO Kwon Jin Young.

Any further attempts to similarly defame artists under Hook Entertainment, including by spreading false and unverified information, will be met with strong legal action.

Thank you.”

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