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Health Care Authority celebrates three years of comprehensive insurance system 

Egypt’s health care authority launched its third annual meeting on Saturday under the slogan ‘Building a medical civilization in the New Republic… Three years of comprehensive health insurance,’ from the Karnak Temple in Luxor.

The meeting was held on the three-year anniversary of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurating the comprehensive health insurance system in Port Said on November 26, 2019.

Ahmed Al-Sobky – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority, Assistant Minister of Health and Population, and General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project – said that the third annual meeting of the authority celebrates the groundbreaking Egyptian experience in implementing the system and the achievements of the Health Care Authority.

So far, the system is being implemented in four governorates – Port Said, Luxor, Ismailia and South Sinai.

Al-Sobky added that the annual meeting of the Healthcare Authority witnessed the screening of the first interactive 3D hologram in Egypt at the Karnak Temple and a discussion session on the future of healthcare in Egypt, in addition to honoring healthcare work symbols and success partners for the comprehensive health insurance project from the private sector.

He also pointed out that a meeting will be held on the sidelines of the forum with Arab and Emirati investors and the success partners of the project from the private sector to discuss the strengthening of cooperation, exchange experiences for the continuity of improving the health care system in Egypt, and encouraging the investment climate in the field of health care.

Al-Sobky also emphasized the importance of the meeting to consolidate relations with major Arab and international health institutions, agencies and peer bodies to encourage the investment climate in the field of health care in Egypt and to promote the country’s global leadership in this field to improve, emphasizes that there are great investment opportunities in the field of healthcare in Egypt.

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