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Wedding season has arrived and that means the next few months are dedicated to planning a wedding or being a serial wedding attendee. If you find yourself in the former category, you may also be looking to tone up, shed a few kilos, or simply just be the fittest version of yourself. With wedding season in full swing, back-to-back celebrations are a part of life. So sound plans are often set aside. To help you save time (and energy), we spoke to one of the country’s leading fitness experts, Namrata Purohit, to find out all about the best diet and fitness plans for brides and grooms.
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The best diet plans for weight loss
Contrary to popular belief, crash and fad diets are not the healthiest way to guarantee weight loss, feels entrepreneur and fitness expert, Namrata Purohit. “A nutrition plan should be tailored to a person’s needs and goals. It is important to start early and make it part of your lifestyle,” she adds. But on your D-day, it’s not just about looking fit, you want to glow, and for that truly lit-from-within look, Namrata believes that eating healthy is essential. Good nutrition is the key to looking healthy and fresh. In order to look healthy and fresh, it is crucial on the big day to eat healthy, eat enough and no less and get all the necessary nutrients. Don’t compromise on the quality of food, make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables and get all the nutrition you need. Cut or say no to fried food and sugar.”
Pre wedding diet and fitness tips
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Exercise for bride and groom
During the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, one can struggle to find time for himself or herself. But taking a few minutes daily to follow an exercise routine will benefit you in more ways than one. As well as helping you stay fit (and improve), and reducing the guilt of those sweets, it also works as a relaxant.
Pre wedding diet and fitness tips
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While the exercise routine varies from person to person depending on the body type and goal, Namrata believes in the concept of KISSS: keep it safe, simple and smart. She goes on to say: “Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that can be tailored to each individual’s goal and ensures no injury, and that the body feels strong and flexible as well as well toned.”
Fitness tips for bride and groom
Ahead Namrata Purohit shares some fitness and diet tips to help you sail through whether you’re getting hitched or not!
Light workout
Whether it’s 10 minutes or 4 minutes, enjoy light workouts to stay active. The wedding vibe puts us in an ominous state, but light workouts will keep your fitness levels intact without starting from scratch.
Pre wedding diet and fitness tips
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Dessert strategy
The rasgullas, fried jalebi and gulab jamuns are undoubtedly mouth-watering and make us gaga over them. But the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings is to switch to fruit desserts, or simply eat less of the main course to make room for the dessert. Balance is the key, believes Purohit.
Do not go more and more with alcohol
Alcohol is the real trouble maker when it comes to those extra (and hidden) calories in your diet. Despite that, it seems unfair to abandon them. Instead, try drinking lighter drinks like gin and tonic or compensate for the heavier drinks by drinking water right after to feel fuller.
Chow down on raw food
Try switching to a raw food diet instead of cooked meals until the function or the d-day. It helps your body to detoxify the toxins to keep digestion in check.
Pre wedding diet and fitness tips
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Don’t eat with guilt
Your body tends to detect your anxiety, moods and stress, and therefore releases hormones that make you stressed and eat more than usual. So promise yourself not to feel guilty and you will come through fit during the wedding season.
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