HEADLINE: Family of deceased health care worker Brittni Iverson demands answers

ROCHESTER, NY – “We love you Brittni!”

That’s what the family, friends and colleagues of Brittni Iverson said when they released pink and white balloons into the air outside Iverson’s workplace on Friday. The balloon launch took place outside the DePaul Addiction Services Group House on Dewey Avenue.

“We want DePaul to be forthcoming with all information related to what happened here days ago that led to Brittni no longer being with us,” said New York State Assemblywoman Demond Meeks. Meeks is Iverson’s cousin.

In a statement Thursday, DePaul told us it is cooperating with police.

Iverson’s stepbrother said Iverson became a mother figure to her siblings when their mother died recently.

“I just want her to be laid to rest because she never did anything to anybody,” Derwin King said. “She always gave.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the police were called to DePaul for some sort of fight. RPD says Iverson and the other person or persons involved were gone by the time police arrived. Tuesday night, police were called to Strong Hospital because Iverson was at the hospitals and in critical condition and she died a few hours later.

Iverson was a junior social work student at SUNY Brockport.

“Brittni showed up for work, something happened and she never came back home,” said her uncle Damon Iverson. “That’s what we know.”

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says there were more than 8,500 acts of violence against health care workers in 2020. The New York State Association of Nurses says violence has been on the rise for a decade.

Brian: “Why do you think this is happening?”

David Pratt, NYSNA Health and Safety: “One of the main reasons is the insufficient resources provided. When the staff is down, we have more delays, we struggle to provide prompt, efficient care to patients and families, and turmoil can increase. All this pressure leads to very real injuries on the part of the frontline workers.”

RPD says Iverson may have been assaulted at work. They don’t know for sure. They are awaiting the official cause of death.

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