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Hellooooo! Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! How are you? I hope you had a great week. The girls were on spring break, so the week was filled with sleepovers, slow mornings, a shopping day, trip to Mini Time Machine Museum, dinner with friends, the trampoline park, and we’re going to see Taylor Swift tonight. It’s P’s first concert and the girls are pumped!

We are also headed to a cabin for a night this weekend and a birthday party. Even though we didn’t go out of town for spring break, we managed to pack in a ton of fun events!

how was your week I’d love to hear what you’re up to this weekend. Any fun St. Paddy’s Day celebrations coming up? If you are looking for the best St. Patrick’s Day cocktail, try this one.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite finds of the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your favorites too, so please shout out something you love in the comments section below.

Friday favorites

Read, watch, listen:

Finished this book and have a serious book hangover. This was one of the best historical fiction books I’ve read and I’m struggling to choose the next one! It was beautifully written, drew me in immediately, and while I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, I also didn’t want it to end. It’s mind boggling that it was based on a true story and this book was completely out of my usual WWII historical fiction choices. If you have something similar that you like, please lmk.

Marriage Portrait

Be sure to check out this week’s podcast episode with Nicole Jardim. She shares so many great tips on how to support your hormones and optimize your cycle.

I loved this post and perfectly articulates how our perception of birthdays can change over time. (I loved my birthday, but now I just enjoy spending it with my little family and eating cake, but hate the pressure I always feel like I haven’t done *enough* this past year. )

Fashion + Beauty:

More Frownies treats. I got my usual Frownies but added the under eye gels and the mask. I will definitely report back on the new products! Frownies have done wonders to help with my 11s (aka WTF lines) between my brows. You have to use it for a while and use it consistently to see a difference, but I’m a fan. Botox still freaks me out (never say never, but for now it’s not for me) so this was a good alternative.


The spring-like weather has me looking at swimwear. Summer Salt is my favorite right now (size up), but here are some of the other cute ones that are on my radar:

Love the cut of this one piece and it comes in four great colors.

The flowers are beautiful on this one piece.

This beach riot color block suit (high waisted and not too sassy).

Perfect with a white button down as a cover up

This ALC suit.

This printed one piece.

Fitness, health, good eating:

YAY for a new hiking trail! I really wanted to add one to the office for longer conference calls and studying – I hate sitting for so many hours during the day – so I grabbed this one on Amazon along with this desk. The desk should be here tomorrow and I’ll be done! I’ll share the office setup in an upcoming post, but after trying it out for a few shorter walks, I’m loving it so far. It’s not for running – it only goes up to 5mph – but for being one of the lower cost options, I’m impressed. I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday and turned it on, and ended up walking for over 30 minutes while we talked.

Vivo Barefoot shoes. I’ve been seeing this on IG forever and finally decided to give it a try. The only bummer was that they took about 3 weeks to arrive, but they feel amazing. The toe box is definitely wider than traditional sneakers, giving your toes free movement, but it takes some getting used to. I got them for strength training and walking, and have done 5 workouts in them so far. When I work out at home I’m always barefoot, but it seems that’s not acceptable in gym weight training rooms and most studio environments (gross too lol) 😉

Vivo Barefoot 1

I’ll probably get some more for hiking in the next month or so.

AG1. I’ve been using it on and off for over a month now and love it. I love the nutrients it includes in addition to adaptogens and probiotics. TBH it doesn’t taste great at first (it tastes a bit vitamin-y and has a bit of a pineapple flavor), but you absolutely get used to it and I’ve grown fond of it after a week of use. I alternate between AG1 and the Organifi green (which tastes better to me, but has a different nutritional profile). If you guys want me to do a post comparing the two, please let me know!!


I talked to AG1 about partnering as an affiliate, but they asked me to sign an exclusivity contract. Since I work with many companies in the nutritional space, such as NOW Foods, Sakara, EquiLife and Organifi, this would not work out.

Everyone has different preferences and needs, and I like a lot of different things (!), so I like that there are multiple options to share what I like here. So instead of a discount code, I have a referral link here that will get you a year’s supply of vitamin D3/K2 + 5 free travel packs if you want to try it. For now I alternate weeks: one week of AG1, 1 week of Organifi green.

*Note: if you wanted to order something from EquiLife, such as the binders, detox or labs, wait until Monday. I will share the details soon and newsletter friends will get the information once it is live.

A total body bench press workout.

Salmon burgers with salad.

Happy Friday, friends!