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Fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith reveals how her marriage changed after 30-day sex challenge

Fitness entrepreneur Steph Claire Smith has revealed what her sex life looks like after taking part in a 30-day intimacy challenge with her husband.

She gave a peek behind the curtain of her private life with husband Josh Miller on her Listner podcast, Keep it cleanerwhich she hosts with Laura Henshaw.

Steph revealed that she and her husband took part in the challenge in August, and it was the first major update since then, with Laura prompting the question: “(have) things gotten more intimate?”.

“It’s been two months, and general intimacy, like cuddling, has increased,” the mother-of-one said during the show.

Steph Claire Smith.
“General intimacy, like cuddling, has increased,” revealed Steph Claire Smith.

“The number of times we have sex per week has only increased slightly, if not, it’s the same.”

Steph said that increasing the amount of sex she and Josh had was not the goal of the challenge, but to create more intimate moments between them.

Laura said the development was great, and congratulated Steph on taking part in the challenge.

The conversation then turned to statistics about how often people had sex at different stages in life, the chat then turned to how many sex partners people had.

“That number was used as a weapon specifically against women, so I think that it means nothing now, expect experience,” said Laura.

Steph then asked Laura what her number was, with the brunette getting confused before Steph promised to say hers too.

“My two,” Laura said.

“Mine’s three,” Steph immediately replied, before the pair burst into giggles.

Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller.
Josh Miller was the one who suggested the couple take part in the challenge.

When Steph first announced that she and Josh were participating in the challenge, Laura was shocked and jokingly asked Steph if she was tired before asking to define intimacy for the challenge.

Steph, mother of one-year-old son Harvey, said she and Josh defined it by “more than kissing, but doesn’t necessarily have to be sex”.

“We are tired and there are dry spells, but whenever we are intimate, it makes everything better,” Steph previously said.

“As much as I hate to admit that, since sometimes I just don’t want to do it, I know when I really think about it, when we’re close that way, we’re kinder and cuddlier to each other. “

Both Josh and Steph saw it online, but Josh was the one who suggested the couple take part.

Steph Claire Smith, Josh Miller, and child.
Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller share a son.

The 28-year-old said the challenge was not easy and the hardest part was finding the time.

“There are nights where it’s a full-on task,” she said, adding that the couple will have to be smarter about scheduling time during the day before it gets too late at night.

“There were days where we had an argument and then we had to have sex,” she said. “But in the back of our minds, we really want to do this for each other, so we work through it.”

Steph and Laura.
Steph Claire Smith co-hosts the podcast Keep it cleaner with Laura Henshaw.

Laura joked that now her partner would want to participate and she wouldn’t.

“Maybe you’ll inspire some – but I’m not,” said Laura.

It’s not the first – and only – sex confession to take place on the podcast with Laura revealing that she tries to initiate sex with her husband Dalton when he’s exhausted.

In the episode, she was talking to her husband, who was filling in for her co-host, when she revealed that he has a higher libido than her and she did it so that the relationship seemed balanced.

Dalton appeared stunned in silence for a moment before joking he now sees it as a “genuine challenge.”

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