Fitness guru Sophie Guidolin details agony after giving birth to ‘stillborn’ daughter


A Gold Coast fitness star has detailed her anguish after giving birth to her stillborn baby girl.

Super fit mum Sophie Guidolin hinted in December that she was expecting her first baby with her doctor husband Andrew Firgaira – just a month after the couple tied the knot.

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But on Wednesday, the 33-year-old – who has four children from her previous marriage – shared that her daughter Pixie was stillborn on January 25.

Guidolin began the post with a trigger warning to other expectant mothers before saying she “cannot begin to articulate my pain, sadness and despair through my whole soul”.

“On Wednesday, January 25th, a day I will never forget, my life was changed forever,” she told her 549,000 Instagram followers.

“I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Pixie, via C-section, stillborn.

Sophie Guidolin in the hospital. Credit: Instagram

“I try to trust in God’s timing and I have always believed that the universe has my back and no matter how confusing it all feels, I try to make sense of this grief with my faith.

“I feel so guilty about my thoughts before, and I would do anything to have that pain, over this harrowing experience.”

The mother said she didn’t even have the words on how to write or how to understand it.

Sophie Guidolin married Andrew Firgaira in November. Credit: Sophie Guidolin

She thanked her doctor and hospital maternity team before thanking family and friends for “dropping everything … at the hardest time of my life”.

“Maybe some souls were always meant to be angels,” she said, before ending the post with: “Pixie, I love you”.

Guidolin has been candid online throughout her difficult pregnancy journey.

On January 8, she posted from the hospital and shared that although she loved being pregnant, “I’m so exhausted, I’m so sick.”

Guidolin shares the not-so-happy side of pregnancy. Credit: Instagram

“(I’m) sharing the not-so-amazing side of this pregnancy so far because I never want anyone to click on my page, see a photo and assume it’s all sunshine, making them feel alone,” she said.

“As previously documented, I loved pregnancy. Every moment, every kick, even the sickness was made bearable by the fact that a miracle was coming into the world.”

On Monday, Guidolin shared an “Instagram versus reality” series of photos, with the first being a sweet photo with her daughter showing off her pregnant belly.

The second was of Guidolin sitting on the beach with a puke bag.

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“I lasted about 20 minutes in the heat, sun and public display of being sick (I literally just have to laugh because I’m crying the rest of the time),” she said.

“I don’t really have many words other than living in a space of gratitude for the strength of other women who have been through this, my four healthy children and the simplicity of health when you have it.”

The personal trainer married her husband Andrew Firgaira in November after they became engaged in June 2022.

A month later, she shared a photo of what appeared to be two slightly positive pregnancy tests.

“Helloooooo subscribers… can you see a double line here? Is this a honeymoon baby?” she wrote in December.

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