FITNESS: Get into the swing of dynamic stretching



COACHING and strength/conditioning training formats have changed a lot over the last few decades.

It went from warming up with static stretching to more dynamic movements. A dynamic movement is the way we move from one place to another using our body and muscles. It is about movement and the way we carry out that movement.

Dynamic stretching eliminates excess force where active stretching does not. Dynamic stretching exercises should be used as part of your warm-up routine before an athletic event, whether competitive or not. If you use dynamic movement as your warm-up, then try to do it for five to 10 minutes so that you warm up properly. I personally find a balance of static and dynamic stretches a good way to warm up the muscles, ligaments and tendons before I go to the gym, run or cycle.

The most common dynamic movements are: walking knee to chest; heel to back trot; straight leg kick; back pedal to trot; wall leg swing and lungs walk with turn.

Dynamic wall leg swing

• Start by standing up next to a wall or surface you can hold on to

• Place your hand on the wall or worktop (or tree!)

• Lift your inner leg off the ground

• Swing your leg forward while keeping your knee straight and toes at the top

• Now swing your leg back down

• Repeat 10 times, turn around and do the other leg 10 times.

Paudie O’Donovan is a neuromuscular physiotherapist specializes in pain relief and improvement of mobility/flexibility.

He drives a Sports Injury clinic in Skibbereen (fully registered with Laya health insurance).

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