6 Fitness Games With Surprisingly Deep Lore

Fitness Games With Surprisingly Deep Lore

Today, being in shape can be just as fun as playing a video game; players don’t even have to leave home to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Fitness video games have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are many that let players burn calories while playing.

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There are two types of fitness games: VR and non-VR. Games like Beat Saber, a virtual reality fitness game, can put the player in a trance state (making time fly). However, there are also great fitness games out there, especially on the Nintendo Switch, for gamers who don’t have a VR. So without further ado, let’s check out the best fitness games of both types!


6/6 Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022 is a fun and physically engaging game that will appeal to both young and old game fans. In 2009, Nintendo released the first installment of the Just dance series for the Wii. Despite the fact that arguably the game’s most passionate players have moved on from their days of dancing with buddies after school, Just Dance 2022 managed to spice things up by delivering a more demanding dance act.

The standard range of easy, medium and hard dance modes retained, but the extreme mode can challenge even the most skilled dancers. The difficulty level of the choreography changes throughout the game, while still maintaining a decent balance with easier dances that even beginners can enjoy.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox one
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Google Stadia

5/6 Beat Saber

Beat Saber

After its initial release in 2018, it quickly grew in popularity as a must-have VR game for every headset user, becoming one of the few VR-exclusive titles to earn brand awareness in the gaming industry. Perhaps more fascinating is that four years later, in 2022, Beat Saber remain as dominant as ever. There is now an abundance of content to wade through, thanks to regular updates and DLC releases.

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PC players have access to much more content thanks to custom track support and extensive public modding. Furthermore, anyone interested in learning more about virtual reality should definitely start with this one.

  • Oculus Quest
  • PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft Windows

4/6 Ring fit adventure

Ring fit adventure

This RPG (only available for the Nintendo Switch) integrates a variety of interesting new accessories that transform the player’s physical movements into in-game actions. When the first Wii was at the height of its popularity, millions of people fell into the concept of exercising in front of the TV thanks to the Wii Fit. It may have been made by Nintendo, but it wasn’t really a game in the traditional sense. In reality, it was mainly a fun and light approach to exercise.

Ring fit adventureon the other hand, is clearly a game in which gamers must confront the bodybuilding dragon Dragaux who has thrown the world into chaos. Ring fit adventure is only available as a physical set and includes a Ring-Con, which is used to perform strength exercises while fighting opponents, exploring areas, collecting items, paddling across rivers, zipping through the air, and more.

3/6 Fitness box 2

Fitness box 2

Fitness Box 2: Rhythm & Exercise entered the ring as the successor of Fitness box. The main concept of Fitness box 2 is identical to that of its prequel. The main menu offers the choice between a daily workout and free training, after which the player will be able to choose a workout, difficulty level, music and even a background.

Next begins the actual practice session, in which players must hit a series of symbols to the beat. Initially, these symbols indicate relatively easy actions such as jabs, straights, hooks and uppercuts. Finally, the game adds actions like duck, weave, block, kick, and so on. After the practice is completed, the player is graded based on the accuracy of their punches, and that’s about it.

2/6 Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector

Every PlayStation VR headset user must play Sprint Vector. One of the best experiences in this game is the exhilarating sense of speed; when combined with the progressive features on offer, it allows players a tremendous amount of depth to discover and master. It’s amazing to fly through the air, exhilarating to scale a wall, and exhilarating to use all that speed to launch yourself to the finish line.

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Players have to swing their arms to skate/ski/jump/fly through difficult obstacle courses, and the movement feels amazing. Moreover, learning the basics is simple, but conquering the advanced levels can be a tremendous achievement.

  • PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft Windows

1/6 Zumba: Fire it up

Zumba: Fire it up

Get that Zumba fix anytime, anywhere with upbeat routines and hip-shaking music, including top hits and original Zumba songs.

For those who have taken Zumba lessons before or are already familiar with the technique, this is a fantastic way to get in shape and work up a sweat in a fun and social environment without leaving the house. If players don’t have the time or money to commit to a gym membership but still want to get in shape, this professionally packaged exercise game is a great option.

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