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Fitness alert: This is how Disha Patani is ‘dusting off the rust’

Disha Patani likes to share snippets of her fitness sessions – which include a variety of flexibility and strength exercises – on social media. In a similar vein, the Yoda actor shared a glimpse of her practicing air kicks.

“Dust off the rust,” Disha captioned a video in which she can be seen doing a 360-round kick. In another video, the 30-year-old made sure to show her off strength as she attempted a spinning kick.

She was also seen spinning and then jumping with her left leg to kick the wall with her right leg.


According to experts, kicks help to show the hips, thighs and stomach. A good form of cardio workout, kicks not only help you lose weight but also strengthen the lower body muscles.

Flexibility is of utmost importance when performing air kicks, emphasized Rakhi Chaudhary, a wrestler, CrossFit and gym trainer, adding that with regular practice, it helps to improve posture and endurance, as well as become more flexible.

“If the practitioner tries to hit an object, it will require more strength, speed and regular practice,” the coach said in an earlier interaction with this portal. With the knee straight and proper balance, the foot should land firmly but softly on the ground — something that takes regular practice to perfect, shared Chaudhary.

Dishawho is a self-confessed fitness enthusiast practiced different types of kicks.


In one instance, she attempted a B-turn, also called a butterfly turn, which is considered a basic acrobatic move.

In another, she achieved triple kicks and was even praised by fellow fitness enthusiast and friend Tiger Shroff who said, ‘clean up’.

In another video where she can be seen jumping to collect the air kick, Shroff said, “Damn. Wish I could stay in the air that long”.

Very inspired? Here’s what makes for a good workout mix

As the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends five hours a week of moderate exercise or 2.5 hours of vigorous exercise or a combination of the two for an adult, Dr Richa Kulkarni, Principal Consultant Physiotherapist, KINESIS- Sports Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic, Pune, said that, depending on various factors such as age and health of the individual, an optimal balance of aerobic and strength exercises, together with flexibility exercisesensure a good mixture.

Dr Kulkarni shared:

*Can increase the number of sets or repetitions.
*Can try to increase the duration of the exercise.
*Reduce rest between exercises.
*Increase resistance exercises using your body weight, kettlebell, medicine ball etc.
* Slow down or speed up the movement.
*Try a high intensity workout on one day and a full body toning the next day.

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